Korg NTS-1 mkII Synth Features Enhanced Synth Engine, Better Connectivity + Improved Keyboard

Ahead of the 2024 NAMM Show, Korg has already announced the Grandstage X; the microKORG 2; the KingKORG Neo; the opsix mkII; wavestate, opsix and modwave modules; and NTS-3 KAOSS Pad.

Today, they have also announced the NTS-1 mkII, a new version of their compact multi-engine synth that looks even more fun and creative – takes the build-it-yourself synth to another level, adding a multitouch keyboard, 8-step sequencer and more.

Korg’s first Nu:Tekt synth, the NTS-1, was an unexpected treat. A ‘build-it-yourself’ instrument with a single monophonic digital oscillator and the ability to host custom ‘Logue ones, it also sported a multimode filter, envelope generator, three LFOs and an arpeggiator, with the addition of an audio input meaning that it could be used as a handy effects processor, as well.

But, the built-in ribbon keyboard wasn’t particularly playable, and this is one of the issues that’s been addressed in the mkII model, which has just been announced. This offers an 18-key multitouch keyboard that’s capable of “polyphonic MIDI messaging”, and immediately looks less fiddly and more fun.

This is by no means the only change, though, as this new Nu:Tekt also has an upgraded sound engine with new oscillator types and modulation effects. These come as a result of a more powerful processor being included.

In addition, you now get an 8-step sequencer, which supports both live and step input. This is another creative feather in the NTS-1 mkII’s cap – as is the inclusion of both MIDI In and Out ports (it was just MIDI In on the original).

Sync I/O is here, as well, as is a USB-C port for powering.

Korg NTS-1 mkII Audio Demos:

Find out more on the Korg website.

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