Nektar Panorama CS12 Controller ‘A Completely New Take’ For Logic Pro

Nektar’s Panorama CS12 controller lets you get hands-on with Logic Pro: “CS12 is a completely new take on the DAW controller”.

This dedicated control surface for Apple’s flagship DAW promises to make your music-making experience more tactile and immediate.

The manufacturer’s Panorama CS12 is a dedicated hardware controller for Logic that’s described by Nektar’s Product Manager Tim Chandler as “a completely new take” on the format. CS12 is a channel strip controller that’s said to place emphasis on plugin control and organization, providing easy access to any parameter on Logic’s channel strips.

On the left of the controller’s interface, you’ll find a 100mm motorized fader next to a backlit level meter and pan control. In the centre, we have a comprehensive transport section beneath a generously large TFT display.

Alongside this there’s a column of backlit, colour-coded buttons that correspond to specific plugins mapped within Logic; the bottom two give you access to sends, Logic’s Smart Controls and user-defined pages for custom global assignments. The rest of CS12’s interface is devoted to illuminated 12 rotary knobs and four buttons.

CS12 arrives with tightly integrated support for all of Logic’s stock plugins and a number of popular third-party plugins, with parameters pre-configured to avoid time-consuming manual mapping, though mappings can be customized via the bundled Nektarine software if you need to. Any third-party plugin can be handled by CS12 without using plugin hosting software.

Nektar Panorama CS12 is priced at £/$399 /€349 and can be pre-ordered. Find out more on Nektar website.

Watch NAMM 2024 interview with Nektar below: via Sonic State

Yamaha SEQTRAK Review + 5 Things To Know Before You Buy

Host Ziv Eliraz, in his latest loopop video – takes an in-depth look at the new Yamaha SEQTRAK, a portable groovebox, synthesizer and sequencer introduced at the 2024 NAMM Show.

The SEQTRAK is an all-in-one music creation station, designed for composing and performing electronic music anywhere. It’s sure to draw comparisons with the Teenage Engineering OP-1, because of its size and form factor.

But the SEQTRAK builds on Yamaha’s strengths, featuring an AWM2 sound engine with 128-note polyphony, in addition to a four-operator FM sound engine. And unlike the OP-1, the SEQTRAK is priced at a relatively affordable $399.

Watch the video, and share your thoughts on the Yamaha SEQTRAK in the comments!

Topics covered:


0:00 Intro

1:05 Overview

2:40 Get a grip

3:15 Cheat sheet


4:00 Velocity

4:55 Chrom drums

5:30 Mono sequencers!

6:20 MIDI CCs

6:45 Dongle anxiety

7:10 Bluetooth MIDI

7:25 MIDI settings

7:45 Be in GUI mode

8:40 GUI lock

9:00 Change defaults

9:15 Synth step seq

10:10 Advanced FX

12:10 Unlock 6 patterns

12:35 Temp save!

13:30 Fast params

13:45 App only stuff

14:00 FX 1 & 2

14:30 Trigger type

15:05 FX params

15:25 Synth LFO

16:15 7 sample tracks

16:55 FX strip secrets

19:20 Chord tips

20:30 Chord banks

21:00 Use the arp!

21:20 A faster Play

21:30 Fave shortcuts

23:30 Visualizer blues

23:55 Pros & cons

27:55 Outro






Korg PS-3300 FS Synthesizer Hands-On Demo

At NAMM, Composer and synthesist Anthony Marinelli shared this hands-on demo of the Korg PS-3300 FS, a reissue of the classic vintage polyphonic synth from 1977.

Marinelli says that the PS-3300 featured in the video is currently the only one of it’s kind in the world, and was going back to Japan after the show.

Check out Marinelli’s preview and share your thoughts on the Korg PS-3300 FS in the comments!


00:00 Playing the 1st Sound I made

00:30 Introduction by Korg’s Luke Edwards

01:13 Anthony’s overview breakdown of the 3 Basic Modules

02:09 Anthony’s overview breakdown of the Modulator Section

03:02 Anthony’s overview breakdown of the Utility & Output/Mixer Section

05:01 Anthony’s overview breakdown of the MIDI/USB and Librarian Section

05:34 Anthony’s overview breakdown of Patching and Normals

06:00 Anthony Plays & shows how to Patch Your Own Sounds

08:08 Let’s Hear the “Amazing” 3 Band Resonators

09:20 Exploring the Envelope Generator & Long Release Times

10:25 Creating a Multi-Timbral Sound from “Scratch”

12:01 Anthony breaks-down Luke’s Favorite Preset Patches

14:42 Anthony Shows how to trouble-shoot when you can’t hear the sound (trouble-shooting)

15:58 Anthony Breaks-down how to make a “Monster Pad” Sound

17:43 Luke shows us 2 more presets

18:03 Anthony’s Summary – Why the PS 3300 FS is so powerful!

19:07 Anthony Explains How You Can Program the PS-3300 & some extra functions

21:30 Discovering the Damper Pedal Feature

22:03 Discovering the Librarian & MIDI

22:24 Closing Remarks