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The new LANDR FX Plugins Available Now.



LANDR has released a new suite of one-knob multi-effect plugins that are designed to help you “get a great-sounding mix fast”.


Although each of the five effects only has one main dial to play with – plus input and output levels controls, LANDR says that each one is still capable of delivering a certain level of mixing finesse.


All plugins are powered by Audified and each one comes with up to 50 presets. The effects are named according to the material they are best suited to processing: Acoustic, Electric, Bass, Beats and Voice.


The LANDR FX are available individually, for $29 each, as a $99 bundle, or as part of the LANDR All Access Pass, which includes a range of tools and costs $10 a month.


The plugins run on PC and Mac in VST/AU/AAX formats.


You can find out more and start a 7-day trial on the LANDR website.






Free Softube Dirty Tape for a Limited time


Softube is now offering free Dirty Tape for a limited time. The Dirty Tape is an emulation plugin that models three Softube classic tape machines, and now it is offering a little rougher around the edges with Dirty Tape.


Softube compares Dirty Tape’s processing to a filter on a photograph, in that it can “take a track from flat to full colour in seconds”. You have just two main controls – Drive and Dirt – so you should be up and running in no time, and there’s also a low-cut filter to reduce low-end rumble.


Dirty Tape runs on PC and Mac in VST/AU/AAX formats, and is free until the end of the month. Find out more and grab it on the Softube website.



GForce Intros M-Tron MkII Virtual Dual-Manual Mellotron


GForce Software has introduced the M-Tron MkII, a new plugin emulation of the Mellotron MkI/MkII. The new M-Tron MkII is a distinct product designed to sit alongside instead, than replace GForce’s existing M-Tron Pro instrument, which emulates the more commonly found Mellotron M400.


The original hardware came with 18 rhythms and accompaniments and 18 lead sounds, but the M-Tron MkII offers 66 of each and comes with 132 tape-banks, some of which have never previously been released.


M-Tron MkII was designed specially for producers and composers. All the sounds in the M-Tron MkII are sourced from the MkI, MkII and Chamberlin Tape Archive, which is curated by Streetly Electronic’s Martin Smith. In fact, it was Smith who prepared the recordings, with the tapes being restored and tempos remapped for the project.

The upshot of this is that the mic’d and DI’d versions of the lead tapes sit side-by-side the rhythms and accompaniments. In addition, there is a Dual Rhythm mode that enables you to layer two rhythms and accompaniments from the Chamberlin and Mellotron MkI and II, giving you the chance to create unique hybrids.


GForce recommends an 88-note keyboard for the most authentic experience, but you can also combine two smaller keyboards, with each assigned to a different MIDI channel.




  • Rhythms, Accompaniments & Lead sounds from the 1960’s dual-manual Chamberlin & Mellotron MkI & MkII.
  • 132 tape-banks, several of which have never been previously released.
  • Over 4500 individual samples curated from The Streetly Archives.
  • Unique and authentic user interface with over 150 Patches.
  • Rhythm / Accompaniment & Lead mode, plus Dual Rhythm / Accompaniment mode.
  • Parallel Trigger option for Rhythms, Accompaniments or both.
  • Rhythm & Accompaniment Host Sync, Transposition, Tape Half Speed, Tape 2s-Rewind Time, Tape Reverse and Pan.
  • Individual key edit control (tape start, detune, tape pan, key click), & key edit presets save and recall.
  • Chord Finder visual-aid for playing matched Rhythms and Accompaniments.
  • Use one 88-note keyboard or two separate smaller keyboards to control each manual.
  • Reverb (modern or spring) and Delay effects.
  • Unlooped tape-banks for an authentic MkII playing experience.



A demo by Marius Leicht:


M-Tron MkII is available now, with an intro price of £199.99 plus VAT (normally £249.99).



M-Tron MkII runs on PC and Mac in VST/AU/AAX formats, and also standalone. Find out more on the GForce Software website.