Low-Gain Electronics introduces 4U Synth Panels at Knobcon 2023

We caught up with Logan Erickson of Low-Gain Electronics, who introduced a variety of new gear at Knobcon 2023. The event held September 8-10, 2023 in the Chicago area.

Low-Gain highlights were a pair of 4U synth panels, Elements of Melody and Sequence of Events. The format is Serge-inspired, but the designs are Erickson’s.

The Elements of Melody brings together a collection of modular functions “focused on voicing”. This includes:

  • Tri-Core VCO
  • Tri-Core VCO
  • Triple Waveshaper
  • Dual Processor
  • ’73 Filter
  • R7 Envelope Generator
  • Smooth Stepped Generator
  • Dual AM / RM
  • Pots & Pans

The Sequence of Events focuses on sequencing, routing and CV processing, and includes the following modular functions:

  • Gate Sequencer
  • Discrete Programmable Sequencer (4 stage)
  • Bi-Directional Router
  • Discrete Programmable Sequencer (4 stage)
  • Sequential Switch
  • Dual Slopes Compact

The two panels will be available built-to-order, with a 3-6 week lead time, and also as DIY projects.

Low-Gain was also showing several varieties of matrix mixers, including their Passive Matrix Mixer, which you could build at one of Knobcon’s DIY workshops, and several larger mixers.

In the last few years, Erickson has built up a complete line of Low-Gain 4U modules, in addition to Euro-format and standalone mixers and utility modules. Details are available at the Low-Gain website.


Boredbrain introduces Xcelon Voltage-Controlled True Stereo Mixer for Eurorack Systems at Knobcon 2023

At Knobcon 2023, held September 8-10, 2023 at the Hyatt Regency Schaumburg, Chicago, Boredbrain Music introduced Xcelon, a voltage-controlled true stereo mixer for Eurorack modular synthesizers.

Xcelon offers a flexible Euro-format mixing option, that offers tons of hands-on control with the the ability to control your mix using control voltages. This means that you can use the mixer for your VCAs, you can sequence or modulation your pan position, and control the mixer in a lot of musically useful ways. And you also have immediate, tactile control over Mute, Volume, panning, effects and more.

It also offers two mix busses and FX send/return controls, so you can create complete mixes within your system, all under voltage control.

Each of the six channels can be used as a stereo channel or as dual-mono channels. In stereo mode, the balance/xfade knob lets you control panning of your signal. In dual-mono mode, it lets you crossfade levels between two signals, giving you flexible mixing control over up to 12 inputs.

Xcelon is also expandable, letting you add up to six additional stereo/dual-mono channels and direct outputs, so you can have the flexibility of recording performances mixed or unmixed.

The Boredbrain Xcelon joins a string of recent Eurorack mixer introductions, including the Noise Engineering Xer Mixa and the 1010music bluebox. They’re all in a $700-1000 price range, but they take very different approaches, offering a wide range of options for mixing in Eurorack.



  • 6 stereo/dual-mono channels, with ‘ultra-low noise’ analog circuitry
  • 2 stereo FX send & returns, with FX1 selectable pre/post fader
  • Long-travel volume faders with LED indicators
  • Balance control with pan law for natural panning
  • Channel level meters, per-channel selectable pre/post fader
  • Expansion modules to add additional channels, pre/post direct outputs
  • 26 patch points for CV control over volume, balance, FX sends & FX returns
  • 2 output mix busses with A, B & A/B options and for FX returns
  • VCA-based clickless mutes
  • XFADE balance mode – dual-mono channel L&R input crossfader
  • Line-level amplification, with ample gain for a wide range of input signals
  • 48 HP hands-on design, with 60 jacks, 48 LEDs, 32 knobs & 19 switches

Boredbrain says that the Xcelon mixer should be available later this fall. The official details on pricing and availability are to come at their website. We are expecting it to be priced around $800-850.

1010music bluebox Eurorack Mixer Review

Host Ziv Eliraz, in his latest loopop video, takes an in-depth look at the new 1010music bluebox Eurorack mixer, which made its debut at Knobcon 2023.

bluebox offers high-quality mixing, effects and integrated recording and playback in a 30hp Eurorack module. It features a touchscreen and knobs to let you quickly control volume, gain, 4 band parametric EQ, pan, effects, mute/solo and record/play functions for each track.

Eliraz offers a deep introduction to the bluebox and its capabilities, demonstrates how it can be used in a multi-voice Eurorack system, and shares his thoughts on how it compares to other Eurorack mixers.

Watch the video and then share your thoughts on the bluebox mixer in the comments!

Topics covered:

0:00 Intro

1:15 The setup

2:45 Inst inputs

3:05 Returns

3:25 Ext Sends

4:20 Int Sends

4:40 Misc setup

6:05 Workflow

7:30 MIDI control

10:15 CV mods

11:30 USB

12:35 Mixer view

14:35 Track view

15:10 Main mode

15:30 EQ

16:45 Internal FX

19:35 Recording

21:10 Track takes

22:45 Punch in

24:10 Proj & tools

24:20 Compressor

25:25 Pros & cons

30:10 Outro