Shakmat Debuts 3 New Modules at Superbooth 24: Ballista Blast, Griffin’s Claws & Bishop Miscellany MK2


At Superbooth 2024, held May 16-18 in Berlin, Shakmat showed three new Eurorack module prototypes: Ballista Blast, Griffin’s Claws & Bishop Miscellany mk2.

Ballista Blast is a complete monophonic synthesizer voice, in 12hp, with a hybrid digital/analog architecture.

It offers a wide sonic palette, with three engines:

  • Classic: combines saw and square waves in various configurations, driving two switchable analog VCFs with different flavors (acid or bubbly), a VCA, and a distortion unit.
  • Wavetable: provides a wide and customizable set of wavetables, processed through the same analog chain as the classic engine.
  • FM: Original algorithms processed by an LPG and a VCA. These algorithms use up to four operators and are controlled by three macro controls, enabling precise manipulation of the different algorithms.

Ballista Blast also incorporates an envelope, a random generator, and a velocity input, all of which can be assigned to nearly any parameter.

The module also features a non-volatile memory of 100 presets (stored on an SD card) and supports the select bus protocol.


  • Hybrid digital / analog synthesizer voice
  • Classic, Wavetable and FM engines
  • Onboard envelope
  • Assignable velocity and gate inputs
  • Assignable random generator
  • SD card storable presets
  • Select bus compatible
  • Width 12hp Depth 29mm

The Bishop’s Miscellany mk2 is a major update to their CV/Gate recorder, with many new features.

  • First, a sequence processor with glide, ratchet, CV modulation, and gate length has been added. These processes can be recorded for creating more dynamic sequences.
  • The module also comes with a wide set of algorithms dedicated to sequence generation and regeneration. From generative music to radical sequence breakage, the (re)gen feature offers tools to originally create or manipulate musical patterns.
  • Finally, it is now possible to store recorded sequences on a SD card. The Bishop’s Miscellany mk2 features a tracker-like grid, providing the ability to arrange stored sequences for song composition or organizing a live set.

As with all the latest Shakmat modules, the Bishop’s Miscellany mk2 supports the select bus protocol.


  • Dual Stepped CV/Gate Engine
  • Glide, gate length, ratchet and pitch modulation
  • Performative (Re)generative algorithms
  • Onboard quantizer
  • SD card and presets
  • Tracker style pattern arrangement
  • Select bus compatible
  • Width 14hp Depth 29mm

The Griffin’s Claw features four recordable attenuators with offset normalization, linear or logarithmic response and cascade mix. The Griffin’s Claw can be used for a large range of applications: CV attenuation animation, atypical modulation signals, automated audio mix and more.Features:

  • Attenuation recorder with offset normalization
  • Logarithmic or linear response
  • Syncable recording time with tempo adaptation
  • Gate outputs linked to fader movements
  • Control on rates and amplitudes
  • Memory of 16 presets
  • Select Bus compatible
  • Width 12hp Depth 29mm

See the Shakmat website for details.


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