Roland intros Fantom-0 Synthesizers, come with more Affordable Packages



Roland has released the Fantom-0 series, which contains lighter, streamlined and more affordable versions of its flagship Fantom synth workstations. There are three models – Fantom-06, Fantom-07 and Fantom-08 – each of which is designed for use on stage and in the studio.


The 61-note Fantom-06 and 76-note Fantom-07 come with newly developed synth action keyboards, while the Fantom-08 has 88 weighted-action keys.



Roland’s featherweight Fantom-0 synth workstations come with heavyweight specs


Fantom-0 is designed to bring Roland’s top-tier tech to a new audience, with each model in the range featuring thousands of the best sounds that the company has to offer. You also get a colour touchscreen, hands-on controls and deep computer integration.


Sounds are powered by three Roland engines – ZEN-Core, SuperNATURAL and Virtual ToneWheel Organ – and further expansions are available via the Roland Cloud. These include emulations of Roland synth classics like the JX-8P, SH-101, Juno-106 and Jupiter-8, plus n/zyme, the new cutting-edge wavetable instrument.


In addition, well as the synth sounds, the Fantom-0 also features acoustic tones, and users can create custom creative spaces known as Scenes. These can contain sounds, patterns, performance layouts, song sections and more, and you can switch between them seamlessly.


Other features include RGB performance pads, quick sampling and a clip-based sequencer, ensuring that you can do an awful lot of production on just this one keyboard.


You can incorporate Fantom-0 into your production setup, it can serve as a 4×32 USB audio interface, and offers native integration with Logic Pro, MainStage and Ableton Live. This includes touchscreen control.




  • Sounds and features inherited from the flagship FANTOM series
  • Seamless workflow with no confusing modes
  • Light and durable molded body designs for easy transport
  • Play and produce with thousands of electronic and acoustic sounds powered by Roland’s advanced ZEN-Core and SuperNATURAL technologies
  • New SuperNATURAL pianos with authentic acoustic grand sound and response
  • Virtual ToneWheel Organ with harmonic bar control and quick-fire playability
  • Deep onboard sampling features
  • Scenes contain settings for all 16 layers plus effects and patterns
  • Clip-based sequencing with instant pattern recording and triggering
  • TR-REC sequencer inspired by classic Roland drum machines
  • Color touchscreen, high-resolution knobs, sliders, RGB performance pads, and dedicated synth control section
  • Pitch/mod lever and illuminated pitch and mod wheels
  • Massive DSP power for plenty of polyphony and smooth sound transitions
  • 4×32 USB audio interface and native integration with Logic Pro, MainStage, and Ableton Live
  • Mic input and powerful onboard vocoder
  • Support for Model Expansions, Sound Packs, Sample Packs, and more from Roland Cloud
  • Comes with 15 Wave Expansions and 10 Sound Packs, available for download from Roland Cloud
  • Compatible with FANTOM Scenes that use ZEN-Core, SuperNATURAL, and Virtual ToneWheel Organ sounds


Fantom-0 models are identical, with each promising to be “ultra-rugged” and therefore suitable for life on the road.


What they say about it:


“Built for non-stop creation, FANTOM-0 lets users shape sounds and realize ideas as fast they come. Using custom creative spaces called Scenes, they can store sounds, patterns, performance layouts, song sections, and more and recall them seamlessly with no gaps or glitches. And with the free-flowing panel layout, RGB performance pads, quick sampling features, and clip-based sequencer, sessions with FANTOM-0 are inspiring, productive, and fun.??


FANTOM-0 slides easily into modern production setups with a built-in 4×32 USB audio interface, and native integration with Logic Pro, MainStage, and Ableton Live provides an interactive experience with touchscreen and hardware control. It’s also possible to combine soft synths with FANTOM-0’s onboard sounds and interface with favorite MIDI hardware via the dedicated MIDI output.?


FANTOM-0 instruments are easy to carry from a home studio setup to rehearsal rooms and performance stages, thanks to molded body designs that are sleek, attractive, and ultra-rugged.The 61-note FANTOM-06 and 76-note FANTOM-07 are equipped with newly developed synth-action keyboards, while the FANTOM-08 comes with 88 weighted-action keys. Other than the keyboards and physical specifications, all FANTOM-0 models offer identical features.?


With Roland Cloud, players can dive deep into the historic and ever-evolving world of Roland synthesizers. Model Expansions infuse FANTOM-0 with the authentic sounds and unique characteristics of the JUPITER-8, JUNO-106, and other vintage icons. Andwith the growing selection of Wave Expansions, Sound Packs, Sample Packs, and more, there’s a steady stream of creative fuel for every musical journey.”


Top-tier Roland keyboard tech in more portable and affordable packages.


The Fantom-06, Fantom-07 and Fantom-08 will be available in the US in April priced at $1,591.29, $1,899.99 and $2,000 respectively. Find out more on the Roland website.




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