Noisy Fruits Lab introduces Sproom Multi-effect Engine for Eurorack Synthesizer

Noisy Fruits Lab has introduced the Sproom multi-effect engine for Eurorack modular synthesizers.

It´s based on the FV-1 DSP IC by Spin Semiconductor, which is a popular platform for guitar pedals and is also the heart of several modular effects processors.

24 effects are available, including Chorus, Flange, Reverb, tape delay, bitcrusher, and a variety of reverbs.


  • It´s stereo and operates with 6 MIPS at Fs=48KHz, with a clean dry / wet path to adjust the amount of effect.
  • 3 banks with each having 8 different algorithms. In total 24 effects.
  • The input is normalized to R. Means with just plugging a mono source into the left input, the output becomes stereo.
  • Each algorithm can be controlled with one of the 3 potentiometers, or by control voltage.
  • Capable of -5 / +5V with the dedicated pot at around center position, or 0-10V with the pot fully closed. In other words, the pot acts as offset.
  • LED indication for clipping and CV ins.
  • The internal effects are tied to the IC and fixed. Bank 2 & 3 or EXT1 & EXT2 can be exchanged with EEPROMS on the backside.

Sproom is available now for €190.

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