Noise Engineering Announces Opp Ned, A 4-channel Eurorack Arpeggiator

Noise Engineering has announced Opp Ned, a 4-channel arpeggiator for Eurorack modular systems.


What they say about it:

“Opp Ned was created out of our desire for a simple and immediate arpeggiator. The idea was simple but the development was not as we strove to make the product we all wanted. It was a labor of love — who doesn’t love arpeggios?! — and we are very happy with the result.

Opp Ned features 12 factory presets of some of our favorite arps. Users can edit these and create their own, saving into one of the 12 slots. Factory presets are easily reset at the Noise Engineering Customer Portal.

Four channels of arpeggios are individually triggerable, with CV over pattern, direction, and range. We also added a transpose input that can transpose all channels by the same amount.”


  • Arpeggiator with four outputs
  • Save and edit up to 12 different arpeggios
  • Swap between arpeggio patterns with CV
  • Fully CV-controlled interface
  • Simple controls make pitch sequencing easy
  • External transpose input for integration with other sequencers

The Opp Ned is available now, in black and silver, priced at $347.

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