Modal Electronics is Back In Business, Planning Next Generation Of Music Products

Synth maker Modal Electronics has announced that it has completed its ‘strategic restructuring’, initiated in Sept 2023.

Modal Electronics’ ownership transformation is the result of a strategic collaboration between Alltronics Holding Ltd and the company’s leadership team, which they say give the company a strong financial foundation for the future. With the completion of this step, they say that they can now focus on developing an ambitious plan for their next generation of music instruments and technology.

“The strategic collaboration between Alltronics and Modal signifies a significant milestone for both companies and holds immense promise for the future,” says Alltronics CEO Eric Lam. “By combining the expertise and resources of Modal Electronics and Alltronics, we are poised to deliver a new level of excellence in the products and services we offer. I am confident that this joint venture will lead to remarkable achievements, opening up new horizons and propelling Modal Electronics to greater heights.”

Modal Electronics established a rich lineup of products, since the company was established in 2013, including a wide range of synths, including high-end keyboards like the Modal 002, Eurorack modules, the budget CRAFTsynth  line, the portable SKULPT synthesizer, and the Argon8 and Cobalt8 keyboards.

Details on the company and its product line are available at the Modal Electronics website.


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