Melbourne Instruments introduces Delia Synthesizer With Motorized Controls at Superbooth 2024

Superbooth 2024: Melbourne Instruments has announced Delia, a bi-timbral polysynth named after pioneering BBC synthesist Delia Derbyshire (Dr. Who).

Delia builds on the motorized control panel and voice architecture of Melbourne Instruments’ Nina. Delia introduces a 49-key velocity and aftertouch sensitive keyboard, new multi-mode analog filters, high pass and low pass resonance control, 3-stage overdrive, and more modulation possibilities.

Delia is described as having an “analogue soul with a computerised brain”. This refers to the fact that, as well as having “massively overdriveable” analogue ladder filters, it also features a digital front-end that runs its modelled VCOs, wavetables, high-pass filters and more.

Among the features that Delia has inherited from Nina are 4-quadrant analogue VCAs, morphing (which enables you to sweep through two patches), digital effects and a digital wavetable oscillator. Further additions include sequencer phrase looping and overdubbing, and the ability to assign a favourite effects parameter to the Effects Macro control.

As well as enabling patch recall and morphing, the motorised knobs are also supported in the modulation matrix. Move between the 20 modulation sources (there are 40 destinations) and every knob changes position to show the modulation amount. Melbourne Instruments says that this helps to give you “the flexibility of a soft synth with the tactile experience of a classic hardware synth”.


  • True Analog Filters and stereo VCAs
  • 4 Oscillators per voice:
  • VA Modelled VCOs, Wavetable, Noise/XOR/Aux
  • 6 Analog voice circuits with 12-note mode that retains 4 oscillators/voice.
  • Unlimited Modulation Matrix – 20 sources x 40 destinations
  • 3 x LFOs with variable shapes:
  • Sine, Triangle, Square, Ramp up, Ramp down, Random)
  • 3 x Envelopes: VCA, VCF, AUX
  • Instant Preset Recall – every knob moves to position
  • Interactive Morphing with parameter isolation
  • Interactive Mod Matrix setup
  • Instant Layer Recall – panel changes to active patch
  • Multi LFO, Envelope and Filter Settings Recall
  • Effects Level and Macro Parameter Recall
  • Instant ‘INIT’ control panel reset
  • Analog Low Pass Ladder Filter
  • 3-stage Analog Overdrive
  • Virtual Analog High Pass Ladder Filter
  • Separate High Pass and Low Pass Resonance control
  • HP/LP filter ‘LINK’ mode for Band Pass/Notch control
  • Selectable 12dB and 24dB slope for LP Filter
  • 2 x Effects Processors with parallel or series configuration
  • Stereo Digital Effects: Delay, Chorus, Reverb with classic Preset Algorithms
  • Extensive modulation matrix. 20 sources to 40 destinations. No bus count limitation.
  • Morphable modulation settings.
  • Quick to edit MOD mode. Select a source and dial in amounts instantly on control panel.
  • All MOD amounts are through zero (bipolar)
  • MORPH is a available as a Modulation destination
  • Morph between A and B patches to create new timbres.
  • Morph the entire patch including Modulation Matrix

Unofficial audio demo, via Bonedo Synthesizers. If you watch closely, you can see the physical controllers update with each patch change:

Delia is available to pre-order for $2399, with shipping expected in early Summer 2024.


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