Free Max For Live Device, Variation Stepper enables you Sequence & Randomize Variation Settings


Kinesotronic has introduced Variation Stepper, a free Max For Live device that enables you sequence and randomize variations of settings in Ableton Live.




  • 16 MIDI Assignable Variation Triggers
  • 16 Step Variation Sequencer with randomisation options, pattern rotation, selectable timing resolutions and global controls
  • 16 slots to store variation sequencer patterns
  • Flexible pattern sequencer for chaining and repeating patterns in any order
  • Automatically populate linked device racks with up to 16 randomly generated macro variations.
  • New Macro Randomization and sequencing options.


At the heart of variation stepper is a versatile 16-step sequencer which is used to sequence a device rack’s variations in repeatable sequences. The values on each step relate to a particular variation stored in the linked device rack. They can be set precisely to recall specific variations at specific times. They can also be randomized, with control over the degree of randomization applied, to generate random, but repeatable patterns. Variation Stepper can also randomize macros directly, rather than randomizing the stored variations in a rack.


This allows the user to truly randomize the macros of the linked device, rather than creating a random pattern of carefully prepared variations.


In addition, this feature can be triggered at will and mapped to MIDI controllers or keyboards to make it performable, but Variation Stepper also features an alternative sequencer page where these randomization triggers can be sequenced on specific steps of a pattern in place of the specific variations defined by the main variation sequencer.


The sequencer has global controls for quickly dialing in values across the whole sequencer and programming patterns. It also has selectable resolutions and randomization for the active steps in a pattern.


Variation Stepper also features a 4 part pattern sequencer which can store up to 16 patterns and play back any 4 of these in any order of repetitions or variations you care to program.


Variation Stepper is available now as a free download.


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