Free Capcom OP-Z videopaks will turn you into a Street Fighting Mega Man


Following the launch of Teenage Engineering’s Street Fighter and Mega Man-themed Pocket Operators, Teenage Engineering has hooked up with Capcom once again to create a series of free videopaks for the OP-Z synth. You play scenes from iconic video games in time with your music.


The scenes are built from the ground up using original graphics from the games. You can fire your arm cannon, breakdance on rooftops and perform a perfect Kick Out!, all in time with the tempo of your song.


Available via the OP-Z app, these run in sync with your music, and can be controlled in realtime using the keyboard and dials on the OP-Z hardware.


The OP-Z is available now priced at $499 and you can find out more on the Teenage Engineering website.



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