Behringer is working with Vladimir Kuzmin on a new version of the iconic Soviet synth, Behringer Polivoks Synthesizer



Behringer has confirmed that the company is working on a new synth in collaboration with Vladimir Kuzmin, creator of the famous Polivoks.



Kuzmin previously created a mini version of the Polivoks with Elta Music. The Polivoks/ Polivox is a Soviet-era synth analog subtractive synthesizer. Released in 1982, the Polivoks was a duophonic analogue synth that has gone on to become something of a cult favourite.


While the synth’s 2 VCO/VCF/VCA architecture is similar to other analog synths of the era, the Polivoks is known for the unique sound of its filter and its rugged industrial design, but it seems that he has plans to come up with something different for Behringer.


Vladimir Kuzmin says that he wants to see his legacy live on.


“With great interest have I followed Behringer’s Vision to bring back iconic synthesizers and make them affordable for musicians,” he says. “For all my life, I have been extremely passionate about synthesizers and I decided to contact Uli to see if Behringer would be interested to design a new Polivoks as I would love to see my legacy live on.


Discussing the new collaboration, Behringer boss Uli Behringer says: It’s an immense honor to have Vladimir Kuzmin on our team as he is a legendary synth designer.


“This partnership demonstrates again that we welcome collaborations with boutique inventors and manufacturers, as we believe we can perfectly coexist and complement each other.”


No price or release date has been set for the new Polivoks, but we shall keep you updated.


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