Behringer Announces JT-16 Polysynth, The Clone of The Classic Roland Jupiter-8 Synthesizer

Behringer announces an update to its most hotly-awaited clone of the Roland Jupiter-8, ‘We assure you that this beauty will come to fruition’.

Today, Behringer shared the first official look at their planned JT-16 synthesizer, a polyphonic analog instrument that’s based on the Roland Jupiter-8.

Behringer might not be at the NAMM show in full force, but the company has chosen the opening day of the gear-fest to announce an update to its JT-16, a synth that looks like being a a 16-voice analogue machine not a million miles away from a Roland Jupiter-8 in concept.

Details are to be announced, but based on what they’ve said, it appears that the Behringer JT-16 is designed to copy the look and sound of the original Jupiter-8, but double the polyphony, MIDI and other basic enhancements. The company says that it will have “exact same analog circuitry” as the original.

The company’s latest update confirms that the synth will be a 16-voice version of the analogue synth – which is good news – and that it will be called JT-16.

The rest of the Facebook post states that the synth is being tested and that someone called Gilles can’t keep his hands off it because it’s that good.

This is certainly one Behringer synth to look out for, as is the company’s Eurorack version of the Jupiter-8, which it last updated us on a year ago.

The JT-2 is a more affordable version of the full-sized Jupiter clone and is expected to sell for just $99, but could – given its name – have only two voices of polyphony. Or indeed one. Behringer said last February…

“While we’re currently working on a full key version of the Jupiter, here is a new prototype in a smaller and more affordable Eurorack package. It features an authentic Jupiter voice based on the same VCOs and VCFs, plus an autotune and arpeggiator function.”

The photos are of the company’s first JT-16 prototype. Behringer says that “the synth is in its very early stages, and we are now focusing on debugging and implementing the necessary software.”

The Behringer JT-16 synthesizer is currently in development, so it will probably be a year or two before the instrument is officially released and pricing is announced.

There isn’t – from Behringer website.


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