Native Instruments introduces Free Irish Harp Virtual instruments

Native Instruments has introduced a new Kontakt instrument, Irish Harp, that’s available as a free download through July 3, 2023.

Irish Harp offers the rich tones of a 34-string neo-Irish harp, with a range of scales, phrases, effects, and controls.

An in-depth intro, from Native Instruments product specialist Brian Kullas.

Topic covered:

00:00 – Intro

00:50 – The GUI

01:23 – Performance Controls

04:50 – Patterns & Phrases

09:17 – Tone Controls

10:43 – The Mixer

12:48 – Scales

14:26 – Options Menu

16:36 – Outro


K-Devices brings TATAT MIDI Generator plugin to iOS

New iOS MIDI Generator, TATAT, creates always-changing sequences. K-Devices TATAT MIDI streams generator plugin is now being offered as an AUv3 MIDI FX for iOS.

What they say about it:

“TATAT is a (unstable) MIDI notes generator: it’s a creative tool to assist and help producers and musicians to generate new ideas, becoming a great starting point for writing melodies and beats, and a perfect controller for virtual instruments and hardware gears alike.

TATAT is designed to create always-changing sequences, to quickly sketch music ideas, to add unexpected events to fixed patterns.

Notes generation in TATAT is based on a multi-chance concept: user sets up for multiple rhythms, multiple notes, intervals, and other parameters value. Using dedicated multisliders the user can then adjust the chance a note and/or a time resolution are adopted on next trigger, creating complex streams of events. The generated notes are then processed by several operators: Velocity, Less, Delay, and Length.

TATAT produces then a stream of notes based on settings and probabilities: we call these settings “mood”.

Once user got the right mood, he can do different actions:

to enjoy the always changing stream of notes

to enable “thru” to add the generative stream of notes on the top of a fixed MIDI clip/file or live MIDI input

to inject stability by using LIV/MEM horizontal slider, to mix between the live generated stream and a frozen pattern”

TATAT is available now as AUv3 MIDI FX plugin for iOS 10.9 or later:

Launch price: $2.99 /€ 2.99 (until June 30)

Regular price: $6.99 /€ 6.99 (after June 30)

Buchla announces 3 New Music Easel Synthesizers, ‘The Electric Music Box’

Buchla USA has officially introduced three new versions of the classic Music Easel, aka ‘The Electric Music Box’.

Since they previewed it at Superbooth 2023, they’ve added a new ‘Retro’ option.

What they say about the new synths:

“This past month at Superbooth, we showed off our completed Music Easel and the Limited Edition 50th Anniversary Easel.

The love for the Anniversary Easel was strong, but the retro-at-all-costs build with guest artist preset cards, publication, signed artwork, and special edition LP was not within everyone’s range.

When we returned, we set out to determine if we could incorporate the retro appeal of the Anniversary Easel into a more affordable package that could be built in higher numbers. The answer: ‘yes.’”

  • Preorders for the Music Easel (modern & retro) begin June 16, priced at $4,999.
  • Preorders for the 50th Anniversary Collector’s Easel run from July 1 – 31, priced at $9,999.

Find out more info on the Buchla website.