Nunomo Qun mk2 mini synth costs just $155


Welcome to the Qun show: mk2 mini synth costs just $155


Nunomo Qun mk2 mini synth is a tiny virtual analogue instrument with a built-in sequencer and looper. It might look a bit ‘barebones’, but Nunomo Qun mk2 mini synth appears to have enough about it to make it interesting, particularly as it costs just $155.


Qun mk2 features an analogue modelling sound engine that is compatible with the mk1 version. It does not replicate any synth in particular, but does promise “advanced algorithms for great organic sound”.


In addition, the two oscillators have FM and granular capabilities, and additional features include a filter, LFO and four envelope generators. You can also dial in an effect – delay, chorus or flanger – and multiple Quns can be stacked to create a polyphonic synth.


In comparison with the Qun mk1, Qun mk2 promises plenty of sequencing and looping enhancements. The 8/16-step sequencer has four pages, meaning you can use up to 64 steps, and offers lots of creative features. These include randomness and probability options.


The looper can be synced to the sequencer or externally clocked. It can capture around 30 seconds of audio for each recording, either from the internal sound engine or external audio. There are three tracks, each of which can have five scenes, and you can flip between them in a manner similar to Ableton Live’s Session View.



Other features include a built-in mixer and a MicroSD card slot so that you can store looper recordings, presets and granular samples.


Qun mk2 is available for pre-order now on the Nunomo website.


Behringer announces AKS Mini cost just $99, a Synthi AKS VCS3 for your pocket


Behringer today introduced the AKS Mini, a new mini synth in their ‘Soul’ format that they say is “a scaled down version of the VCS3, but with the exact same oscillators, filters etc. and of course the magic sound.”


Additionally, the company also announced a Synthi VCS 3 knockoff, right, which is full-size, and copies the original design closely. They have tagged several of their upcoming synths as #hardvaporware, because the company has completed prototypes, but they say they are waiting to put the synths into production until they can get production-scale quantities of the necessary electrical components.


Behringer recently introduced a line of Soul synths that are scaled and priced to be a cheaper alternative to the Korg Volca line. While the Volcas are original synth designs, the Soul series are all marketed as miniature copies of classic synths. They include:


  • Model D Soul – a tiny Minimoog knockoff;
  • Saturn Soul Synthesizer – based on the Roland Jupiter-8 synth voice;
  • Pro VS Soul – based on the Sequential Circuits Prophet VS;
  • CS Mini – described as “an authentic CS80 voice” in a little box; and now
  • AKS Mini – a stripped-down EMS Synthi VCS synth voice.


The Behringer AKS Mini is expected to be priced at $99, with availability still to be announced once the company can get enough parts to put the synth into production.







Audient teases new EVO Audio interface



Audient is doing teasing in advance of what apparently to be the imminent launch of a new member of its EVO audio interface family.


It is scheduled to arrive on Monday 23 May, this promises “a new way of doing things,” which indicates that the new product will represent some kind of departure from the existing EVO blueprint. We get to see a graphic of six input level meters, but that’s about all we have to go on.


The EVO range contains two products – EVO 4 and EVO 8 – which are 2-in/2-out and 4-in/4-out interfaces respectively.


We’ll be back with more details on the new model on 23 May.


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