IK Multimedia Total Studio 4 Max Bundle Deals Up To 56% OFF

Give your home studio a €14,000 makeover for just €349 with IK Multimedia Total Studio 4 Max deal. From vintage synths to mastering processors, IK Multimedia has you covered with all of its big-name titles in one suite.

We can never really have enough plugins, can we? Well, IK Multimedia is testing that theory to its absolute limit. It’s going in hard with a Black Friday sale price on its Total Studio 4 Max bundle, which gets you a giant haul of effects and instruments with a combined value of over €14,000 (if bought individually) for just €349. This could well be one of the best Black Friday plugin deals we’ve come across.

Let’s reflect back a bit though, what software could possibly constitute a life-savings level of cash? Launched at the start of 2023, IK Multimedia Total Studio 4 Max comprises a whopping 170 products, and it’s designed to pretty much be an ‘everything-we-make’ software bundle which covers every stage of music production, from initial ideas to mastering.

Get all the plugins you need to take your music from a spark of inspiration, all the way to a finished, mastered release with IK Multimedia Total Studio 4 Max. With 170 instruments, more than 500 FX and over 640 gigabytes of sample data, it’s a complete solution for composition, mixing and mastering your music with a combined total value of over €14,000. At this price, why are you still reading this article?

Now, it might well be worth that much if you bought every product piecemeal, but IK Multimedia Total Studio 4 Max has a regular retail price of €799 – already a fraction of the price. But here we see it slashed again by nearly 60% to an absolute bargain price of just €349.

There’s over 640 GB of instruments/samples, and over 500 FX included. There are seven main virtual instruments included, covering everything from general-purpose sounds with Sampletank 4 MAX (and all 34 expansion packs); a plethora of classic synths from Syntronik 2 MAX; pristine orchestral instruments with Miroslav Philharmonik 2; vintage keys in the form of SampleTron 2 and Hammond B-3 X; and smart, modelled bass and drum sounds thanks to MODO BASS 2 and MODO DRUM 1.5.

Mixing and mastering tools are taken care of by T-RackS 5 Max v2, the incredible ARC 3 room calibration software, MixBox 500-series-style presentation of EQ, dynamics and more, and a faithfully modelled emulation of Lurssen Mastering’s mastering chain.

But IK’s not done yet, because also included is the awesome AmpliTube 5 MAX v2 guitar software $/€99.99– guitar amps, effects, cabinets and more. With over 400 recreations of classic and contemporary heads, combos, pedals and speakers, AmpliTube 5 puts radio-ready guitar tone at your fingertips.

If you’re still not satisfied, check out Black Friday Deal: TONEX MAX & AmpliTube 5 MAX v2 – $/€79.99 each or $/€129.99 for both ,which also comes in the bundle, allowing you to create your own models from any hardware you can get your hands on.


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