IK Multimedia releases MODO BASS 2 plugin



IK Multimedia launches Modo Bass 2 plugin- the best way to get authentic electric and upright bass sounds in your DAW.


IK Multimedia’s original Modo Bass instrument plugin did bring electric bass sounds to your DAW using physical modelling rather than samples. The original was release five years ago, and now we have the version 2.


New fretless models and thousands of grooves join the low-end party


Modo Bass 2 features eight new bass models – including new fretless and upright options – a brand-new patterns section with thousands of grooves, and advanced performance controls. There is also a free version to get you started.


Version 2 has a total of 22 basses, with the eight new models joining the 14 from version 1. The fretless models look interesting; one inspired by Jaco Pastorius’s customised jazz bass, and another that takes its lead from Pino Palladino’s StingRay. And you have the option to turn any of the 18 supplied electric basses into a fretless model, and the fretless models into fretted ones, if you want.



Other features include double basses – Rockabilly is suitable for old-school slapping styles while Upright Studio promises a classic jazz sound. These are modelled in their own studio space with a selection of moveable mics and a piezo signal that can be blended in. You can run the result through Modo Bass’s stompbox and amp emulations, and there is a pair of stereo room mics to enable you to mix in the ambient room sound.


The thousands of new patterns can be filtered by genre, song section, length, time signature and more. These were all performed by top players, so should sound authentic.


In the Playstyle section, you have even more control over how your basses are played. We are promised an ultra-realistic pluck technique and advanced algorithms for pick and slap articulations.


MODO BASS 2 – The first physically modeled electric bass goes next level is compatible with PC and Mac and running in VST/AU/AAX formats. The full version, which includes all 22 basses, cost $350/€350, while the SE, which includes four basses, will cost $150/€150.


The free version, Modo Bass 2 CS, comes with just the ‘60s P-Bass, but like the SE version can be expanded with additional basses. These cost $70/€70 each


If you already own Modo Bass 1 you can currently upgrade to version 2 for $150/€150, while anyone who purchases Modo Bass 2 will immediately get version 1.


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