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Akai Pro introduces MPC One+ Music Production Center, with WiFi, Expanded Memory and More

AKAI Professional today introduced the MPC One+, their latest Music Production Center, featuring Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 16GB internal storage, and more.

At the heart of MPC One+ is the powerful multi-core processor, the same featured in the flagship MPC X. This isn’t a scaled down “little brother”, they say, but a production unit built with the same DNA for high-level music creation. It also features an upgraded 16GB of internal storage.

New Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity

With Wi-Fi, you now have access to Ableton Link 3 to wirelessly connect and sync all your capable devices. You can also use your Bluetooth enabled MIDI controller. Or pair with a wireless QWERTY keyboard to search through folders and libraries accurately.

Key Features:

  • Standalone MPC – No Computer Required
  • 16 velocity-sensitive RGB pads
  • 128 MIDI + 8 Audio Stereo Tracks Per Project
  • Wi-Fi & Bluetooth Enabled
  • 16GB Internal Storage (7.8GB user storage)
  • 2GB RAM
  • 7” Multi-Gesture Touch Screen
  • New Red Colorway
  • Includes MPC2 Desktop Software for Mac or PC
  • Free MPC plugin instrument from the MPC store with new purchase


The Akai Pro MPC One+ is available now for $699.

Behringer’s Spice completes their Moog Knockoff Trilogy

Behringer had announces Spice, a copy of the Moog Subharmonicon in desktop format.

The key visible differences in the design are that the Spice adds MIDI In/Thru, which will make it easier to sync to other MIDI gear; it is desktop-only format, so it cannot be mounted in a Eurorack system; and it is designed to be cheaper to manufacturer.

The company has not announced specifications or features, presumably because their audience will understand that it is a copy of the Moog Subharmonicon.

The Behringer Spice completes the company’s Moog knockoff trilogy:

  • The Behringer Crave is designed to be an inexpensive, unofficial copy of the Moog Mother-32;
  • The Behringer Edge is designed to be an inexpensive, unofficial copy of the Moog DFAM; and
  • The Behringer Spice is designed to be an inexpensive, unofficial copy of the Moog Subharmonicon.

Behringer says that the Spice is “undergoing final beta testing and hopefully will go into production soon”. They are targeting a $249 price.

AIR Music Technology releases Jura “The Synth Of 82”

The Jura is out – Air Music releases new plugin emulation of Roland Juno. Roland Juno-60 synth, to be precise, the 1982 synth that the company is now emulating in its new Jura plugin. Though it is from 1982, but you can also switch to a more modern interface.

You will note from the screenshot that Jura is giving off strong visual Juno vibes, and if you are happy to operate it using an emulation of the original front panel, you have the option to do so.

However, there is also an extended, modern GUI. Switch to this when you want to dive a little deeper.

Jura emulates all the original features, extras include a VCF with saturation and drive, two DCO noise types (modern and vintage) and a second envelope that adds another string to your sound design bow. And, as well as the classic Juno chorus section, which features three modes and a mix control, there’s a further effects section that offers delay, reverb and 3-band EQ. And playable in the authentic 6-voice configuration, you can also extend the polyphony and make use of Unison and Chord modes.

What they say about it:

“Jura gives you the best of both worlds – the classic sound of an ‘80s synth monster, coupled with some very cool modern workflow enhancements.

Jura comes in several versions; a plugin for AU, VST, and AAX DAWs, and there’s the MPC/FORCE Standalone versions for the complete hardware experience of touch control.

Jura is the classic synth for a modern music production studio. The sound of yesterday, the features of tomorrow. The synth of ‘82… reimagined for your future hits.”

Jura Walkthrough Video:

It is available in versions for Mac, Windows and the Akai Pro MPC /Force standalone hardware device. Jura is available now with an intro price of $74.99, rising to $150 on 13 June. Find out more and download a demo on the Air Music website.