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Klevgrand introduces Richter ‘Tectonic Compressor’ Plugin

Klevgrand has introduced a new audio plugin designed to go beyond ordinary compression. Klevgrand Richter is a ‘tectonic’, super-heavy compressor plugin that the company thinks is off the scale.

Richter is another Klevgrand’s compressor plugin. However, Klevgrand believes that, with Richter, it’s managed to do something a bit different. This “tectonic” device is designed to achieve earth-shaking levels of compression without creating too many audio artefacts, and all via a very simple interface.

There are just two main controls: Transients and Amount. The first controls “how the internal envelope follower will react to transients vs continuous/lasting sounds,” while the second dictates how much compression is applied.

Meaning that you use these two knobs in tandem to get the style and amount of compression that you want, whether that be on vocals, drums or anything else. A three-step boost switch can be engaged to push things even harder, and you can also adjust the makeup gain, dry/wet mix, input trim and a simple EQ. If you are looking for starting points, check out the factory presets.

The effect that Richter is having is visualised in the waveform view, but the idea seems to be that you will spend less time analysing and examining and more time tweaking and listening.


  • Superheavy compression with minimal unwanted artifacts.
  • Intuitive Transients and Amount dials.
  • Real time graph visualization.
  • Tonal control.
  • Three-step boost switch.
  • Input trim control.
  • Makeup gain, Dry/Wet mix and Output control.

Richter runs on PC and Mac in VST/AU/AAX formats and is currently available for the introductory price of $29.99 until 15 June, after which the price goes up to $69.99.

There is also an iOS version (AUv3 and iPad standalone) that is currently available for the introductory price of $4.99. This will rise to $12.99 after 15 June.

MPC One+ review – “Nothing Comes Close” at that Price

Loopop host Ziv Eliraz let us know that he’s shared another in-depth video, this time a review of the new AKAI Pro MPC One+.The MPC One+ adds WiFi & Bluetooth, has 4 times the original’s storage, and has a lower price than the mk1. Eliraz say that AKAI has ‘knocked out many, but not all, of the cons” of the original.

“At that price range, there’s just nothing that comes close to the versatility and capabilities of the MPC One+.”

Watch the video and share your thoughts on the MPC One+ in the comments.

Topics covered:

0:00 Intro
1:30 What’s new?
2:55 2GB RAM OK?
5:00 CPU loads
5:25 Using WIFI
6:40 Splice
7:20 Ableton Link
8:50 MIDI over WIFI
9:55 Ableton control
12:20 Bluetooth
13:30 Connection tips
14:20 MIDI routing
15:20 Mapping CCs
17:15 Using WIDI
18:45 Pros & cons
22:05 Outro

MicroFreak 5 Firmware Update is Now available to Download

Arturia has released MicroFreak version 5, a massive free update that adds 4 new engines. It also allows users to load their own samples and use them with one of the four new sample/granular engines.

What’s new in MicroFreak v5.0:

  • New sampling engine: Manipulate and trigger recorded audio using MicroFreak.
  • 3 new granular engines: Scan, Cloud, and Hit modes for Freaky granular exploration.
  • New Preset factory
  • Using MIDI Control Center, you can import your own samples, up to 24 seconds long. You can then send them to MicroFreak.

Arturia MicroFreak v5 Firmware is available now.