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New Software Synth, picoSYNTH, enables you get your Retro On in 8-Bit Style


Developer Johan Peitz shared this preview of picoSynth – retro-tastic patchable virtual studio, with 8-bit pixel art style, for Linux, Mac and Windows.


You can use picoSynth to create simple loops and beats. But, by combining the equipment in interesting ways, you can also make more complex setups.


  • Build rigs in playful and straightforward ways
  • Make music and loops
  • Live tuning of sounds and beats
  • Choose from multiple waveforms and equipment
  • Wire up your creations for unexpected results
  • Save files in easy to read text format
  • Export to WAV and import everywhere

picoSYNTH is available now for $2.99.


Sequential Trigon-6 Synthesizer Audio Demos


Here is another extended audio demo, via Perfect Circuit, of the new Sequential Trigon-6 Synthesizer.  


“It’ll make a great choice for any keyboardist looking for a quality analog synth that covers a lot of ground, especially those who need an instrument that will hold up to the rigors of touring/performing life. For studios looking for a fresh take on a Moog-like sound, it’ll easily meet and exceed their needs,” they note in their review. “But best of all, it truly does open up its own unique avenues of exploration: sounds with deep modulation, drifting Vintage detuned textures, bone-rattling unison bass sounds, whistling overtones, and just absolutely solid leads and chord tones. Sequential has already proven that the analog polyphonic synthesizer as a concept has plenty of room for instrument-by-instrument variation; and now, the Trigon-6 pushes new boundaries in this otherwise familiar paradigm.


Trigon-6 is a new 6-voice analog synth that offers the company’s take on the classic Moog 3-VCO-plus-ladder-filter tone, in a modern polyphonic instrument design. It was the last design that the late company founder Dave Smith contributed to.


Take A Tour of WMD Devices’ Factory before it Closes


Producer Dojo shared this video, featuring a video tour of the WMD Devices factory, filmed before it shuts down permanently.


The video features host ill.Gates getting a tour of the factory from WMD’s Alex ‘Nasty Nachos’ Anderson, along with a demonstration of how they manufacturer Eurorack modules.


WMD announced earlier in the year that they will be closing at the end of 2022, because they can’t get the parts they need to make synth modules. This has made it impossible for them manufacture enough modules to cover their overhead.

Video Summary:


“WMD Devices manufactures AMAZING euro rack modules and sadly they are closing down because of the semiconductor shortage and supply chain issues.

While ill.Gates was in Denver for EP Bootcamp he got a chance to tour the facility with @alx-1069 from @WMDevices and learn how eurorack modules are made and manufactured.”