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Free Download of Texas Instruments Speak & Music Samples


u/channelmaniac shared a free collection of Texas Instruments Speak & Music samples via the Internet Archive.


They note:


“No ROM code was dumped in the making of these… just good old-fashioned recording of the audio output of the TI Speak & Music.”


In the zip file, you’ll find outputs from all the buttons and, in the words sub-directory, the separate words ‘spoken’ by the toy.


The sample collection is shared as a .zip archive of .wav files.


Jean-Michel Jarre’s Classic ‘Oxygene 4’ Recreated with 19KB Of Javascript code


Over the years, many have attempted to recreate Jean-Michel Jarre‘s classic Oxygène 4 using classic and vintage gear. Dittytoy user srtuss is the first that we are aware of to do it using mind-bullets, aka 19KB of Javascript code.


Dittytoy is an online platform that enables you create generative music online, using a simple Javascript API. So don’t expect easy-to-use audio nodes to connect with virtual wires or a graphical user interface that allows you to define patterns easily: everything is generated entirely with code.


srtuss‘s Oxygene 4 arrangement is not only a fairly faithful recreation of the original, but also features a built-in mixer. Find out more and share your thoughts on Javascript remixes in the comments!


Free Virtual Instrument, LABS Bell Swarm, features the Sounds of Glockenspiel, Vibraphone and Hand Bells


Spitfire Audio has released the latest in their LABS series of basic virtual instruments, Bell Swarm.


What they say about it:


“Composer Louis Rugg unboxes a festive gift: LABS Bell Swarm!


A joyous assortment of vibraphones, glockenspiels and hand bells recorded in a breathtaking medieval church. Take hold of the loosely timed magic of swarms to create cascading layers of tremolo, along with a variety of delightfully versatile single hits.”



Bell Swarm is available now as a free download for Mac and Windows.