Sequential Trigon-6 Synthesizer Audio Demos


Here is another extended audio demo, via Perfect Circuit, of the new Sequential Trigon-6 Synthesizer.  


“It’ll make a great choice for any keyboardist looking for a quality analog synth that covers a lot of ground, especially those who need an instrument that will hold up to the rigors of touring/performing life. For studios looking for a fresh take on a Moog-like sound, it’ll easily meet and exceed their needs,” they note in their review. “But best of all, it truly does open up its own unique avenues of exploration: sounds with deep modulation, drifting Vintage detuned textures, bone-rattling unison bass sounds, whistling overtones, and just absolutely solid leads and chord tones. Sequential has already proven that the analog polyphonic synthesizer as a concept has plenty of room for instrument-by-instrument variation; and now, the Trigon-6 pushes new boundaries in this otherwise familiar paradigm.


Trigon-6 is a new 6-voice analog synth that offers the company’s take on the classic Moog 3-VCO-plus-ladder-filter tone, in a modern polyphonic instrument design. It was the last design that the late company founder Dave Smith contributed to.


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