Ketron AUDYA Advanced Music Station



The long awaited high-end arranger keyboard has finally materialize and it is worth the wait. The new Ketron AUDYA is the next generation contemporary keyboard. The latest in audio technology in this most amazing Arranger Workstation. The ‘AUDYA’ features revolutionary live backings, high quality sound engine, robust Audio Multi-player, multiple connections compatible to new multimedia, audios, computers and many more to suit musicians requirement and demand.

Additionally, the AUDYA features a new semi weighted 76 key keyboard with Aftertouch and Portamento, and weight approximately 38 lbs. The AUDYA has already pushed the technological boundaries by being the first keyboard to provide “real” backings. The technology offers the nearest equivalent of a real drummer following your tempo changes and improvisations, so you can play in any style with the sound of “live musicians” and not preset sequence.

The sounds have also been upgraded and the internal sound library has over 360MB world famous Ketron sounds and high quality sound engine, redesigned sampler (44khz/16 bit), Digital Drawbar section ( with drawbar sliders included), MP3 encoder, vocoder Voicetron section, 10 band equaliser, 40GB hard drive and USB connectivity. [ad#co-17]