Korg PS-3300 FS Synthesizer Hands-On Demo

At NAMM, Composer and synthesist Anthony Marinelli shared this hands-on demo of the Korg PS-3300 FS, a reissue of the classic vintage polyphonic synth from 1977.

Marinelli says that the PS-3300 featured in the video is currently the only one of it’s kind in the world, and was going back to Japan after the show.

Check out Marinelli’s preview and share your thoughts on the Korg PS-3300 FS in the comments!


00:00 Playing the 1st Sound I made

00:30 Introduction by Korg’s Luke Edwards

01:13 Anthony’s overview breakdown of the 3 Basic Modules

02:09 Anthony’s overview breakdown of the Modulator Section

03:02 Anthony’s overview breakdown of the Utility & Output/Mixer Section

05:01 Anthony’s overview breakdown of the MIDI/USB and Librarian Section

05:34 Anthony’s overview breakdown of Patching and Normals

06:00 Anthony Plays & shows how to Patch Your Own Sounds

08:08 Let’s Hear the “Amazing” 3 Band Resonators

09:20 Exploring the Envelope Generator & Long Release Times

10:25 Creating a Multi-Timbral Sound from “Scratch”

12:01 Anthony breaks-down Luke’s Favorite Preset Patches

14:42 Anthony Shows how to trouble-shoot when you can’t hear the sound (trouble-shooting)

15:58 Anthony Breaks-down how to make a “Monster Pad” Sound

17:43 Luke shows us 2 more presets

18:03 Anthony’s Summary – Why the PS 3300 FS is so powerful!

19:07 Anthony Explains How You Can Program the PS-3300 & some extra functions

21:30 Discovering the Damper Pedal Feature

22:03 Discovering the Librarian & MIDI

22:24 Closing Remarks




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