Ziv Eliraz Hands on Demo on Synclavier Regen


Host Ziv Eliraz, in his latest loopop video, takes an in-depth look at the Synclavier Regen, which debuted at Synthplex 2022.

Synclavier Regen offers the power of the Synclavier II DSP engine, enhanced and optimized. The Regen features a color screen, ‘liquid-like’ touch controls, high fidelity audio output, paired with a powerful synth engine.

The Synclavier Regen is available now for $2,499.00    Watch the video and share your thoughts on the new Synclavier Regen in the comments!


Topics covered in the video:

0:00 Intro

1:50 Overview

3:55 Interface

7:50 Build & I/O

10:20 vs Go! & V

11:35 Preset nav

13:40 Red vs blue

14:00 Stamp ctrls

15:15 Effects

16:50 Note FX

05:00PM Arpeggiator

17:50 Note filter

18:20 Filter env

18:55 Oscillator

19:30 Samples

20:25 Multisamples

21:45 Chop & loop

23:25 Subtractive

25:00 Additive

27:50 Frames

28:55 Resynthesis?

29:50 Modulator/FM

31:30 FM to sample

32:30 Osc chorus

32:50 Envelopes

34:40 Partial xfader

35:40 LFOs

36:30 Mod matrix

39:05 MIDI mapping

40:05 Settings

40:25 Pros & cons

45:00 More sounds?




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