Waldorf M Synthesizer available now with 16 Voices, and you can update your existing hardware

Released in 2021, Waldorf M synth combined digital wavetable oscillators with an analogue amp and filters, giving it hybrid status. If its eight voices of polyphony weren’t enough for you, though, we have good news: a new 16-voice version has just landed.

If you are an existing user, we can confirm that you add these extra voices to your current rig via an expansion board. You can fit this yourself and, as the video below demonstrates, it looks particularly easy.

The new M Voice Expansion VO.6 cost €699, so if you have been craving those additional Waldorf M voices, though, it is certainly an elegant solution.

Otherwise, the M remains the same as before, offering – “the ultimate modern, yet authentically realised, take on a classic approach to synthesis”. It offers two wavetable playback modes (Classic and Modern), the filters sounds great, and you can even import patches from the classic Microwave synth.

The Waldorf M 16Voice costs €2,308. Find out more on the Waldorf website.

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