Intellijel Cascadia Synth Hands-On Demo

In his latest video, Alex Theakston of Mylar Melodies offers an in-depth hands-on demo of the new Intellijel Cascadia  semi-modular synthesizer. The video is an official, commissioned Intellijel overview of Cascadia, vs an independent review. It covers the panel in depth and demonstrates how Cascadia sounds, with a wide variety of patches.

Cascadia is an advanced, performance-oriented semi-modular synthesizer, but with the footprint of a laptop. It features a modern analog architecture, with a mix of classic East Coast and West Coast functions. It’s normalized, meaning that the individual modules have internal ‘default’ connections, so you can instantly get started with it. But you can also patch any of the modules together, however you choose, or use them independently with other gear.

Topics covered:

00:00 Hello montage

01:30 Panel Walkthrough

08:00 Sounds Begin: Drone

08:29 Traditional Acid

10:42 Calm Acid

13:03 Itchy Acid

13:27 Majestic Fifths via FX Loop

14:20 Feedback FM Acid

15:15 Calm Foldy Plucks

16:00 Steppy Filter Acid

18:20 Contemplative Acids

19:21 Duophonic Acid

21:14 Wavefolded Helltones

22:39 Righteous Ring Mod Jam

25:38 29 Second Reverb Acid Dream


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