Intellijel Cascadia Semi-modular Synthesizer introduced at 2023 NAMM Show

At The 2023 NAMM Show, being held in Anaheim, CA April 13-15, Intellijel introduced Cascadia, an advanced, performance-oriented semi-modular synthesizer.

And there’s enough packed in it to appeal to both the modular and wider synth communities

Cascadia is described as “a massive semi-modular system, in a small case, with the footprint of a laptop.” It features a modern analog architecture, with a mix of classic East Coast and West Coast functions. Normalized connections mean you can instantly play it, but you can also patch any of the modules together however you choose.

Cascadia has MIDI in/out/thru/USB, uses Eurorack-compatible signal levels and pro-level audio I/O to interface with the rest of your studio.


  • Two Precision Analog VCOs
    • VCO A is Thru-zero FM-ready with a dedicated Index VCA, Sub Oscillator, PWM and Soft/hard sync.
    • VCO B is a combo VCO/LFO with 4 simultaneous outputs
  • Six Channel Waveform Mixer
    • Two patchable (normalled) inputs
    • Noise generator with multiple algorithms.
    • Optional asymmetric soft clipping on the mix output.
  • “Liquid-Sounding”, Cascaded 4-Pole Multimode Filter
    • Eight Modes: LP1, LP2, LP4, BP2, BP4, HP4, NT2, Phazor.
    • Additional dedicated outputs for LP4 and HP4.
    • Input Level Knob for fine control of filter input and resonance balance and added drive.
    • Multiple FM inputs and a QM input, all with attenuators.
  • Wavefolder Circuit
    • West Coast-style parallel wavefolder. Normalled into the auxiliary input on the VCA in parallel with the filter.
  • Dual Digital Envelopes
  • ENV A is a versatile east coast style ADSR / AHDSR envelope generator with a hold function and dynamic level/time control. Normalled to the VCA to instantly shape your sound.
  • ENV B is a complex, multimode function generator with a West Coast style AR/ASR/Cycling AR, a beat syncable LFO, and Burst generator modes. Normalled to the filter for instant FM without patching.
  • VCA A and Output Path
    • VCA A is a linear VCA with auxiliary input.
  • Global Output Mixer with overdrive circuit and bypassable asymmetric soft clipping.
  • Expansive Utilities Sections
  • Sample and hold circuit with white noise normalled to the input.
  • Slew/Envelope follower.
  • Attenuverter/Mixer with multiple outputs.
  • Triple triangle LFO with rate control, rate input and divided outputs.
  • Triple buffered multiple.
  • Precision adder.
  • Signal inverter.
  • Bi-polar > Unity level shifter.
  • Expression level control for modulation the TRS expression input on an FX pedal.
  • Ring Modulator.
  • VCA B / LPF (LPG) — Auxiliary VCA and 4-Pole Diode Ladder VCF combination for additional dynamics.
  • Easy to access Pitch, Gate, and Velocity CV inputs.
  • Pedal Send and Return FX loop with Wet/Dry control, phase inverter and Line/Pedal level switches.
  • Output Mixer with Overdrive.
  • Eurorack Level Main output with level control for interfacing with other modular gear.
  • The Outside world — MIDI, Pedal and Audio I/O
    • Stereo Headphone jack.
    • Balanced Output Jack.
    • Balanced Input routed to a slider and output on the main panel for patching anywhere into Cascadia.
    • TS Pedal FX Send Return and ¼” TRS Expression Out.
    • MIDI DIN In/Out/Thru and USB-MIDI all routed to the MIDI > CV Interface on the top panel.
    • MIDI > CV Interface
    • Deeper MIDI configuration is available with our Intelljel Config App (link below).
    • MIDI Pitch / Velocity Outputs and Learn Button
    • MIDI Gate / Trig Outputs
    • MIDI CC / Mod — Learnable and assignable to any CC on any Channel
    • MIDI LFO — Multimode LFO synced with MIDI or Tap Clock
    • MIDI CLK — Dividable MIDI clock with alternate Tap Clock functionality.
  • Cascadia comes ready to play.
    • The normalization behind the panel allows for a ton of exploration, without ever adding a patch cable. Includes everything you need to get started: 14 assorted patch cables, USB-A to USB-C cable, and an international power supply.
  • Hands-on interface
    • 101 patch points
    • 34 sliders,
    • 16 knobs,
    • 28 switches,
    • 5 push buttons
    • 36 LEDs
  • Additional options for swapping the wooden cheeks for metal side cheeks or a rackmount kit with a storage tray—great for an effects pedal or patch cables.

These features alone – plus the connectivity options and almost ridiculous number of utilities – will keep most modular synth fans happy, but there’s enough appeal in Intellijel’s debut all-in-one synth to appeal to players beyond that, which appears to be one of Intellijel’s aims with Cascadia. It look very cool, is packed to the rafters and looks like it will give you everything in one box – and some.

Cascadia is available now for $2,149.

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