Behringer BRAINS Reloaded adds 5 New Modes


Behringer today introduced ‘Brains Reloaded’ – a free firmware update for its Brains Eurorack module that adds 5 new modes.

The Behringer Brains is a clone of the Mutable Instruments Plaits macro oscillator. Plaits uses open source software and hardware licensing, which means that anyone can make a clone, if they follow the requirements of the license.

Mutable Instruments released a Plaits firmware update in December that adds a DX7-compatible 6-Operator FM synth and 7 more synthesis models. The Brains update is different than Mutable’s Plaits update, adding these 5 new modes:

  • Engine One – BX7 is an FM synthesizer that includes 32 classic FM Synth patches. These are compatible with native DX7 patches and can be uploaded via the Behringer SynthTribe application.
  • Engine Two – BASSLINE offers a virtual take on the TD-3, which itself is a knockoff of the iconic Roland TB-303. Controls give you access to distortion, resonance, modulation, and decay.
  • Engine Three – Wave Generator provides a wide range of waveforms, with controls over waveform types, bit crusher, and sample rate.
  • Engine Four – VOX is a synthesized vocal morphing sound engine, with control over formant shift, resonance, and vowel blends.
  • Engine Five – Audio Scope allows you to route any external audio signal into BRAINS V/OCT input, letting you use BRAINS OLED Display as a basic oscilloscope.

The Brains firmware update is available now via the Behringer website.

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