Behringer announces Polivoks Synthesizer, Created in collaboration with Original Designer

Finally, Behringer has officially introduced their Polivoks synthesizer, created in collaboration with original designer Vladimir Kuzmin.

The Polivoks (aka Polivox) is a Soviet-era synth analog subtractive synthesizer. While the synth’s 2 VCO/VCF/VCA architecture is similar to other analog synths of the era, the original Polivoks is known for the unique sound of its filter and its rugged industrial design.

Behringer had announced plans in 2021 to collaborate with the pioneering Russian synth designer. While the company hasn’t announced details for the new Polivoks, it appears to be a Euro-format version of the original.

“I designed the Polivoks in 1980 at the Urals Vector plant in Russia, while it was produced by the Formanta Radio Factory. The Polivoks has features that are very unusual on most analog synthesizers, which creates this very unique and distinctive sound, often referred to as ‘Russian synthesizer sound’,” notes Kuzmin.

“For many years, it has been my dream to create a new and much improved Polivoks,” adds Kuzmin. “Uli’s synthesizer Vision provides a fantastic opportunity for me to contribute to the reimagining of my Polivoks and to make it accessible to everyone – a Vision I profoundly believe in and want to be part of.”

Details on pricing and availability for the Behringer Polivoks are still to be announced.



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