Artisan Electronic Iliad Synthesizer Sneak Preview at Knobcon 2022


Artisan Electronic Iliad is built-to-order, customisable polysynth


At Knobcon 2022, using its Nucleus synth voice, Artisan Electronic Instruments is preparing a new expandable polysynth known as the Iliad. It is a customisable polyphonic synthesizer.


Iliad will be built to order, so only around 20 will be made per year. As such, anyone who buys one is guaranteed a certain amount of exclusivity.


You’ll also be able to spec how many voices you want your synth to have, ranging from four up to 16. The price will start at $3,400, with each additional voice costing you another $400.


Each voice offers two analogue oscillators and a digital oscillator with a choice of waveforms. Additionally, you can expect masses of modulation and effects, as well.

Details are still to come of the Iliad .



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