AJH Synths introduces MiniMod Keyz, a Minimoog-inspired Eurorack Keyboard Synth

The timeless Moog Model D, reinvented in Eurorack

AJH Synth has announced the MiniMod Keyz – a Minimoog-inspired Eurorack keyboard synthesizer.

The MiniMod Keyz brings together a collection of modules that are essentially Euro-format clones of circuits from the original RA Moog version of the MiniMoog, and then adds a Ring SM, Tap Tempo VC-LFO, and their new Low Fat HP Filter.

The modules are build into a custom version of the ‘Epic AF’ NiftyKEYZ Euro keyboard case, fitted with custom Dark American Walnut end cheeks for a more vintage look.

Because the system is fully modular, it has a sonic range that goes far beyond the original Minimoog design.

  • The Ring SM is a 5-channel Moog CP3 mixer, EMS Synthi/VCS3 based Ring Modulator, and a very rich-sounding, simultaneous 2 octave sub-bass generator. User Guide:
  • The Tap Tempo VC-LFO is a very complex modulation source, with 16 common and unusual wave shapes, including stepped and sloped random voltages. Every element can be voltage-controlled, and can be clocked by external modules/sequencers, or act as a master clock, clock divider/multiplier. User Guide:
  • The Low Fat is a voltage-controlled 2hp high pass filter, and a great compliment to the classic, huge-sounding Transistor Ladder Filter. The Fattest filter in town needs to slim down sometimes! User Guide:
  • The NiftyKeyz is a 4-octave keyboard controller, with a large host of features, including arpeggiator, 4-voice polyphonic control, built-in LFO, and more.

Overeview of the MiniMod Keyz

The MiniMod KEYZ is available now for £2,795 (about $2,933).

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