Baby Audio Atoms Physical Modeling Synthesizer

At 2024 NAMM Show, Baby Audio debuts their latest creation Atoms – a synth plugin splits physical modeling into six simple parameters.

Set to be released in 7 February, Sonic State caught up with Michael from Baby Audio at NAMM. Michael explains that Atoms distills a complex underlying model into six simple parameters, and an internal automation system for adding motion, and once you get your head around what these six controls are doing, there’s lots of sound design potential here.

Each control adjusts a different type of behaviour within the model, and you can see how your tweaks are affecting the sound with a central visualiser. Atoms offers a unique take on physical modelling, with an internal network made up of interconnected masses and springs.

This is ‘excited’ by a virtual bow that causes the model to vibrate and produce sound. You can dictate the way that the bow ‘plays’ the model using the Force control.

Handily, there’s also MPE support, which should provide you with some intriguing creative options if you have a compatible controller.

Atoms will be available on Feb 7th 2024 , introductory price $59.


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