Arturia MiniFreak V synth plugin looks and sounds exactly like the hardware synth


Arturia has announced the availability of MiniFreak V – a software version of their recently introduced MiniFreak keyboard.

As promised, Arturia has released a plugin version of the MiniFreak synth – the MiniFreak V. This mirrors the hardware’s sound and features, but can be used directly within your DAW.

Like its hardware polysynth sibling, MiniFreak V is a six-voice, twin-engine synth. Each engine can operate in multiple different modes, and you can use the engines individually, stacked, or to process each other’s output for “unique compound sonic behaviour”.

The hardware MiniFreak has analogue filters, obviously the V version are modelled.

The MiniFreak V controls are spread across multiple pages: the front panel keeps things relatively simple with a stripped-back set of parameters (you can tweak the two oscillators, filter and FX), while the Advanced panel adds access to the mod matrix, shaper and more. Finally, there’s a dedicated page for the sequencer and arpeggiator.

As you’d expect, MiniFreak V offers tight integration with the hardware – you can use one to control the other, for example – and offers identical presets. Sounds can be shared between hardware and software, as well.

An in-depth demo by sound designer Matt Pike above covers MiniFreak V’s features, how it sounds, and how it integrates with the hardware synth.

MiniFreak V is available exclusively – and freely – to MiniFreak hardware owners, but Arturia hasn’t ruled out the possibility that it might be offered to a wider audience at some point in the future. The MiniFreak costs $599/€599.

Find out more on the Arturia website.


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