Teenage Engineering TP-7 Now Available to buy


Arriving just in time for a summer of field recording, Teenage Engineering has finally released its new TP-7 field recorder, which is designed to do “only one thing and do it well.”

The TP-7 field recorder was introduced at Superbooth – it is digital and it is one of the loveliest looking recorder designed to slot perfectly into your palm.

TP-7 encourages you to use your index finger to trigger the fast-forward control and your middle finger to rewind. Your thumb starts a recording, and your ‘pinky’ selects the mode. Teenage Engineering calls this ‘intuitive muscle reflex control’ and believes that it creates “a genuinely rewarding man-machine experience.”

Audio scrubbing can be controlled by a side-mounted rocker, but the centrepiece of the TP-7 is the motorised ‘tape’ reel. Featuring a brushed motor with ball bearings, this enables you to grab and move through your recording, pause it and navigate menus. The reel also spins during playback so you can experience the sensation of watching analogue tape rolling.

Available in limited quantities, the TP-7 costs $1,499/£1,299. Find out more on the Teenage Engineering website.


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