Teenage Engineering TP-7 Field Recorder In-Depth Review

Reader Jay Gilligan shared this in-depth review of the new Teenage Engineering TP-7 Field Recorder.

TP–7 field recorder is a dedicated recording device, with a 7-hr rechargeable battery and 128 GB of internal storage.

TE says that it is “built to record sound, music, interviews and important ideas with zero friction, in the highest possible quality.”

Is the TP-7 all that? Watch the review and share your thoughts on the TP-7 in the comments!

Topics covered:

00:00 packaging and cases

06:25 build quality

14:52 interlude

15:35 factory reset

17:51 speaker comparison

23:34 recording mode and button clicks

30:07 connectivity

34:45 overdubbing

38:38 internal mic edit mode

40:20 stem mode with tx-6

45:23 routing options

49:27 handling and button placement

52:04 multitrack replacements

53:37 OP-1 Field usb connection

55:02 power options

58:37 beat sync

59:39 track routing

01:03:00 microphone comparison

01:07:44 memo workflow

01:09:32 transcription workflow

01:11:58 transcription reflections

01:17:10 files

01:21:10 misc questions

01:23:29 warble and more

01:31:42 2 more answers

01:32:57 DJ mode!




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