Heritage Audio Announces New Range Of Audio Interfaces ‘The analogue experience of the golden era of recording is available to everyone’

2024 NAMM Show: Heritage Audio claims that its new family of interfaces is the first set of USB-C interfaces to have built-in Class A 73-style preamps, so they bring the ‘golden era’ of analogue recording to your digital world.

The i73 Pro family has three new members, with various i/o and preamp configurations. The first is the 2-in/4-out Pro One which has a single integrated 73-style preamp. The Pro 2 has the same 2-in/4-out configuration, but boasts dual integrated 73-style preamps. The Pro Edge has the same dual preamps as the Pro 2, but ups the i/o ante with a 12-in/16- out configuration, which includes eight channels over ADAT.

The key factors here are those preamps, which are said to have the same transformer-balanced circuitry found in “the European pro audio manufacturer’s classic 73-style preamps”, which presumably means the Neve 1073. The takeaway is that the preamps and USB-C combination means that uses can capture that that “classic mojo and vibe” straight into your computer.

The interfaces also boast a 3-way input so you can record audio like vocals via the mic input with up to 70dB of gain, use a clean line input, or record electric guitar or bass with a JEFT DI.

Whichever interface you opt for, you get a $£900 software bundle that includes the BritStrip channel strip, HA 15 PRO bass amp, HA 1200 TapeSat, HA 240 Gold Foil Verb, and Heritage TAPEoPLEX.

The i73 Pro One cost €/$649, the i73 Pro 2 €/$999, and the i73 Pro Edge is €/$1,499. Get more information on the Pro One here, the Pro 2 here and the Pro Edge here.


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