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Pittsburgh Modular Teases New Taiga Synthesizer, because ‘Analog Is Important’


Pittsburgh Modular shared this teaser video for its upcoming new analog synth, the Taiga.


Details are to be announced, but Taiga looks to be knobtacular and semi-modular, with 60 patch points and 40+ knobs.


Pittsburgh Modular also shared this demo track by Richard Nicol:

Pittsburgh Modular says that the official Taiga synthesizer debut is coming Jan 31st, 2023.


Sonicware Liven Lo-Fi 12 gets Free Version 2.0 Upgrade


Sonicware has released a free major update for its Liven Lofi-12 sampling groovebox.


The update adds new features for resampling, chopping and remixing.


What’s new in Liven Lofi-12 v2.0:

  • Chopping – Two new voice modes called ‘Drum’ and ‘Chop’ auto-slice samples easily with the newly developed Downbeat Divider*. Sliced sections of a sample are then spread across the keyboard making finger drumming possible.
  • Resampling – Patterns and tracks can be resampled by internally recording the audio output into a new sample. Real-time resampling of your keyboard playing is also possible.
  • Remix Effect – A beat repeater effect ‘R.MIX’, added to the master effect options, makes glitchy real-time performances possible.

The new features are designed to work well with each other, so you can create drum tracks with auto-slicing and record performances that are not constrained by the grid of the internal step sequencer. You can also resample samples and tracks for infinite effects processing and even build your own beats and kits ready to be sliced up in the Drum and Chop modes.


Video intro to Liven Lofi-12 v2.0:


The Liven Lofi-12 is available now for $239. Version 2.0 is available as a free update.


Surge XT goes Modular as A Collection Of Free Modules for VCV Rack


Surge XT, the open-source hybrid software synthesizer, is now available as a collection of free modules for VCV Rack.

Each part of the synth has been reproduced as an independent virtual Eurorack module, which can be patched in any configuration.

For this new release, the Surge community collaborated with two designers from the Rack community, Pyer (VCV, Geodesics) and Steve Baker (MindMeld). The new designs combine the best of both ecosystems and the UI should feel familiar to both DAW and modular synth users alike.

Every module is both stereo and polyphonic and the collection holds no less than 11 oscillators, including virtual analog, FM, wavetable and physical modelling.

In addition, there are 20 effects, with direct access to the original presets found in Surge XT, a filter module with 33 filter types from classic analog modelling to advanced digital effects, a multimode waveshaper, plus mixing and utility tools. The classic multimode LFO/sequencer and envelope from Surge also makes an appearance which is even more flexible in a modular environment.

New modules such as an Envelope + VCA, a quad AD envelope, a quad LFO and a dual function generator have also been created especially for this modular take on Surge XT.

Surge XT for VCV Rack introduces a new modulation paradigm, with a click-to-assign matrix system that is common to all modules. The four CV mod inputs allow a single source to affect any number of parameters of the module, and a single parameter to be affected by any blend of the 4 inputs.

Surge XT for VCV Rack is an open source community effort and is available for free now for Windows, Mac and Linux in the VCV Rack library.