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Ziv Eliraz Hands on Demo on Synclavier Regen


Host Ziv Eliraz, in his latest loopop video, takes an in-depth look at the Synclavier Regen, which debuted at Synthplex 2022.

Synclavier Regen offers the power of the Synclavier II DSP engine, enhanced and optimized. The Regen features a color screen, ‘liquid-like’ touch controls, high fidelity audio output, paired with a powerful synth engine.

The Synclavier Regen is available now for $2,499.00    Watch the video and share your thoughts on the new Synclavier Regen in the comments!


Topics covered in the video:

0:00 Intro

1:50 Overview

3:55 Interface

7:50 Build & I/O

10:20 vs Go! & V

11:35 Preset nav

13:40 Red vs blue

14:00 Stamp ctrls

15:15 Effects

16:50 Note FX

05:00PM Arpeggiator

17:50 Note filter

18:20 Filter env

18:55 Oscillator

19:30 Samples

20:25 Multisamples

21:45 Chop & loop

23:25 Subtractive

25:00 Additive

27:50 Frames

28:55 Resynthesis?

29:50 Modulator/FM

31:30 FM to sample

32:30 Osc chorus

32:50 Envelopes

34:40 Partial xfader

35:40 LFOs

36:30 Mod matrix

39:05 MIDI mapping

40:05 Settings

40:25 Pros & cons

45:00 More sounds?




Arturia $99 Tape Mello-Fi plugin is free to download


Arturia’s $99 Tape Mello-Fi plugin is free to download again, but only for a limited time.


If you missed out on Arturia’s giveaway of its $99 Tape Mello-Fi plugin last time, make sure you do not miss out this time. You’ve now got another chance to download it for free courtesy of Audio Plugin Deals.


This Mellotron-inspired lofi effect is a vintage tape-emulation and lofi effect based on the sound and behaviour of the classic Mellotron (and, in turn Arturia Mellotron V emulation). Parameter knobs enable you to adjust the amount of Noise, Flutter, Wow, Wear and ‘Mechanics’, and also enable you dial in subtle distortion and saturation.


This leaves you with an effect that promises to apply lo-fi vibes to anything you stick it on – drum loops, vocals or even your entire mix.


A 25-preset library, gives you plenty of retro starting points.


Other features include an interactive tape wheel with tempo-synced Tape Stop feature and optional Instant Tape Catch-up, a 12dB low-pass and high-pass filter section, and a Stereo Width feature that introduces offsets to Wow and Flutter from left to right for an extra-wide sound.


Tape Mello-Fi runs as a VST/AU/AAX plugin on PC and Mac and is available for free for a limited time only. Get it download on the Audio Plugin Deals website.


Synclavier launches Regen Synth at Synthplex 2022



Synclavier has introduced a new hardware synthesizer, the Regen, at Synthplex 2022 – being held from October 27-30 in Burbank, CA.

Synclavier Regen- desktop synthesizer, offers the power of the Synclavier II DSP engine, enhanced and optimized. The Regen features a color screen, ‘liquid-like’ touch controls, high fidelity audio output, paired with a powerful synth engine.

Regen supports additive synthesis for full control of 24 harmonics. But they’ve also added subtractive synthesis features to the Synclavier synthesis engine. And you can use samples for your carrier waveform. And these different waveform generators can be mixed. You have up to 12 partials to use in your sound design creation, with crossfades assignable to inputs such as velocity, pressure, mod wheel, and of course, keyboard.

In addition, Regen is loaded with content to get you inspired fast. There are over 250 timbre presets including 6 newly-commissioned artist timbre libraries. On top of that, there are 2 exclusive sample libraries with over 300 new samples and one mega library with over 700 original samples from the NED era.

Beyond the presets, the Synclavier Regen offers deep sound design possibilities. You can layer up to 12 partials with different sound generators (additive, subtractive, samples) then apply dynamic effects per partial. Polyphonic aftertouch and MPE is fully-supported and there’s a sophisticated modulators section where you can apply responsive curves to properties driven by pressure, velocity, mod wheel position, and so on.


  • 255 Regen timbre presets
  • 700+ samples of royalty-free factory content
  • Additive waveforms, subtractive waveform generator and multi-sample patchlists
  • 12 partials to build your sounds.
  • 12 tracks for multi-timbral playback or stacking (layering) of sounds.
  • 4 USB ports for keyboards and other peripherals plus one USB port for connection to DAW. And 5-pin MIDI standard (TRS).
  • 2 full-colour high resolution screens
  • Sensitive liquid-like touch swiper and 12 selector pads.
  • Multiple effects per track, including chorus, reverb, vibrato, tremolo, arpeggiator, bit crush, and multi-mode filter.
  • High fidelity DC-coupled audio out (stereo XLR or TS) with 130dB of dynamic range.

Synclavier Regen Audio Demos:

Synclavier Regen is available now for $2,499.00