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Free Deluge Update Adds Wavetable Synthesis, MPE Support, Euclidean Sequencing and more



Synthstrom Audible has released Deluge 4.0, a free major update that adds wavetable synthesis, MPE support, Euclidean sequencing and many more.


New in Deluge 4.0:


  • Wavetable synthesis, and improved single-cycle waveform playback.
  • Support for MIDI Polyphonic Expression (MPE), and similarly MIDI polyphonic aftertouch. The Deluge can receive MPE from external MIDI controllers that support it, it can record this data, and the internal Deluge synths can respond to it. And this MPE data may also be output again to an external synth.
  • Euclidean sequencing – per row of a clip on the Deluge. This also means that now individual rows within a clip may be set to different lengths.
  • Sequences can be set to play in reverse, or to ping-pong.
  • Synths, kits and songs may be put into folders, and the user can browse these when saving and loading.
  • MIDI input devices (and to a limited extent output devices) may be differentiated and treated separately, so that two devices sending on the same MIDI channel won’t be confused.
  • Improved handling of regular MIDI pitch bend and channel pressure. Adjustable MIDI pitch bend ranges.
  • Sharing presets along with their audio files, with other Deluge users, is now easier.



Details on the update are available at the Synthstrom Forum.





Avid refreshes its Pro Tools DAW



Avid has unveiled a new subscription pricing structure for its Pro Tools DAW, with a new offering aimed specifically at artists who are just starting out.


Avid refereshes it’s Pro Tools line-up, adding a $10/month Artist plan, a drum machine and a new synth


You can now choose from three subscription tiers.


The subscription tier – known as Pro Tools Artist – costs $10 a month or $99 a year, and promises “everything needed to make beats, write, record, and mix studio-quality music”. You get not only the DAW but also thousands of loops and more than 100 plugins.


And, you are entitled to use 32 audio tracks, 32 instrument tracks and 64 MIDI tracks, but this may be enough for many people.


The next level up – Pro Tools Studio – cost $40 a month or $299 a year. This enables you to record more tracks and offers surround and Dolby Atmos support, while more advanced automation features are included, as well. Current Pro Tools subscribers and perpetual licence customers with active plans will automatically transition to Pro Tools Studio.


Lastly, at the top end – Pro Tools Flex, a $100 a month/$999 a year tier for professionals. This unlocks an enhanced version of Pro Tools Ultimate and provides additional content and third-party software.


Active Pro Tools Ultimate subscribers will receive the full Pro Tools Flex subscription bundle, while Pro Tools Ultimate perpetual licence customers with active plans will receive the Pro Tools Ultimate software enhancements.


All three subscription plans include Avid’s two new Pro Tools virtual instruments: GrooveCell and SynthCell. GrooveCell is a drum machine and sequencer for easy beat creation, while SynthCell is a similarly simple polyphonic synth.


All Pro Tools subscribers will also have access to SoundFlow, a workflow automation platform.


You can find out more and compare the new Pro Tools subscriptions on the Avid website.



Free App! PaulXStretch, enables you do Extreme Time-Stretching of Audio


Creator of the iOS app ThumbJam, Sonosaurus, has released an updated version of PaulXStretch, a free multi-platform application designed for the extreme time-stretching of audio.


PaulXStretch is designed for radical transformation of sounds. It is not designed for subtle time or pitch correction. It can turn any audio into hours or days of audio, so ambient music and sound design are common uses.


PaulXStretch is based on the PaulStretch algorithm (Paul’s Extreme Time Stretch, originally developed by Nasca Octavian Paul), and specifically the PaulXStretch version from Xenakios. The UI has been updated, adapted for various screen sizes, and built for the latest platforms.


PaulXStretch is available now for iOS, Linux, Mac & Windows, and the source code is available via Github.