Free App! PaulXStretch, enables you do Extreme Time-Stretching of Audio


Creator of the iOS app ThumbJam, Sonosaurus, has released an updated version of PaulXStretch, a free multi-platform application designed for the extreme time-stretching of audio.


PaulXStretch is designed for radical transformation of sounds. It is not designed for subtle time or pitch correction. It can turn any audio into hours or days of audio, so ambient music and sound design are common uses.


PaulXStretch is based on the PaulStretch algorithm (Paul’s Extreme Time Stretch, originally developed by Nasca Octavian Paul), and specifically the PaulXStretch version from Xenakios. The UI has been updated, adapted for various screen sizes, and built for the latest platforms.


PaulXStretch is available now for iOS, Linux, Mac & Windows, and the source code is available via Github.



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