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Baby Audio has released TAIP, an AI tape emulation plugin


Baby Audio thinks that it has created one like no other.


Baby Audio has released an AI tape emulation plugin to capture the invisible nuances of analogue circuits.


TAIP is built around an AI algorithm that is designed to “decipher the invisible nuances of analogue circuits”.


Using this method, Baby Audio says that it’s recreated “the true warmth and behaviour of analogue tape”.


You can create custom tape flavours to suit your requirements – to add saturation and glue to drums, instruments and vocals, for example – or drive it hard and use TAIP as an alternative to a distortion plugin. 135 presets are included, too.


TAIP runs on PC and Mac in VST/AU/AAX formats. The full price is $69, but you can currently purchase it for $39, and there’s also a demo.


Find out more on the Baby Audio website.




MME Eurorack Minimoog Clone Kits Are Now Available


Developer Julien Delgoulet let us know that a new batch of PCBs & panels for the MME, a Euro-format clone of the Minimoog Model D rev 2.0. are now available.


The MME is a DIY project that lets you build a Minimoog clone in 60hp, the same as Moog’s Euro format synths:



The MME offers several additions to the Minimoog Rev 2 design:

  • VCOs PW
  • VCOs PWM
  • VCO1->VCO2 Sync
  • VCO1->VCO3 Sync
  • CV input for each VCO (allow to use the MME as a praphonic synth with the right Midi/CV-Gate interface)
  • VCF-Env output
  • VCA-Env output
  • Mod-Wheel input that allows to use a CV to control the VCO-3/Noise modulation level.


You can read more about the development of the MME in a thread at Modwiggler.  A detailed build guide is also available.


The MME is available as a DIY project, with options starting with a barebones PCB set for €55.






Arturia Intros MiniFuse Line Of Compact Audio Interfaces

Arturia lights the MiniFuse with a new range of budget audio interfaces


“Following in the footsteps of AudioFuse, we knew we would need to deliver more affordable audio interfaces, a solution that would open up audio creation to everyone,” notes Arturia Founder Frederic Brun. “That solution is MiniFuse – our vision of an affordable audio companion.”


This comprises three products: MiniFuse 1, 2 and 4. These offer 1-in/2-out, 2-in-2-out and 4-in/4-out connectivity respectively.


The MiniFuses certainly face plenty of competition. The budget audio interface market is one of the most competitive in the industry, but Arturia believes that it has the edge over other manufacturers in several key areas.


Firstly, is the sound quality – you get 110db of dynamic range and a -129dB equivalent input noise level, which Arturia says translates into “class-leading sound”. Secondly, it’s the design and build – these interfaces are compact, portable and supposedly rugged, and come with a USB hub on the rear.


Arturia is backing up these promises with a 5-year warranty, and you also get a software bundle that comprises Ableton Live Lite, Arturia Analog Lab Intro, Arturia FX, NI Guitar Rig 6 LE and 3-month subscriptions to Auto-Tune Unlimited and Splice.


Key Features:


  • “Class-leading sound” – The MiniFuses boast a 110db dynamic range and a -129dB equivalent input noise.
  • Compact, portable, rugged, and easy to use. From smooth backlit controls to the addition of a USB hub on the back, MiniFuse is designed to fit into any setup.
  • MiniFuse comes with Ableton Live Lite, Analog Lab Intro, Splice, Autotune unlimited and more.
  • 5-year warranty – Made with robust materials, specially-selected components, and over 200 durability tests, the MiniFuses are built to last, with a 5-year hardware warranty as standard.


MiniFuse ($99) – a 1 – 1 in / 2 out audio interface

MiniFuse 2 ($149) – a 2 in / 2 out audio & MIDI interface

MiniFuse 4 (price TBA) – a 4 in / 4 out audio & MIDI interface


The MiniFuses come in black and white colour options; The Black MiniFuse 1 & 2 will be available in stores in mid-October. White MiniFuse 1 & 2 available in stores. Arturia MiniFuse 1 Black USB Audio Interface, Arturia MINIFUSE 2 BLACK USB AUDIO INTERFACE

The #CommissionsEarned  MiniFuse 4   available in 2022.

Find out more on the Arturia website.


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