MME Eurorack Minimoog Clone Kits Are Now Available


Developer Julien Delgoulet let us know that a new batch of PCBs & panels for the MME, a Euro-format clone of the Minimoog Model D rev 2.0. are now available.


The MME is a DIY project that lets you build a Minimoog clone in 60hp, the same as Moog’s Euro format synths:



The MME offers several additions to the Minimoog Rev 2 design:

  • VCOs PW
  • VCOs PWM
  • VCO1->VCO2 Sync
  • VCO1->VCO3 Sync
  • CV input for each VCO (allow to use the MME as a praphonic synth with the right Midi/CV-Gate interface)
  • VCF-Env output
  • VCA-Env output
  • Mod-Wheel input that allows to use a CV to control the VCO-3/Noise modulation level.


You can read more about the development of the MME in a thread at Modwiggler.  A detailed build guide is also available.


The MME is available as a DIY project, with options starting with a barebones PCB set for €55.






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