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Norand Mono Analog Synthesizer


Host Ziv Eliraz takes an in-depth look at the Norand Mono, a new synth that pairs an all-analog signal path with deep control and performance options.


The Norand Mono features ‘contextual modulation’, a unique modulation system that gives you full control over every parameter. Each parameter has its own envelope and audio-frequency modulator – with 13 dedicated envelopes for modulation and 20 dedicated modulators.  Other features include a sequencer with ratcheting and probability per step, continuously variable waveforms and a wide range of randomization features.


Topics  included:


0:00 Intro

1:45 Overview

3:40 Mod per knob

6:10 Mod notes

8:50 Connectivity

9:50 Oscillators

11:50 Analog mods

14:10 Filter

16:30 Digital mods

19:35 X-env to depth

20:10 Sequencing

22:25 Randomize

22:50 Scales

23:10 Accent, slide

24:45 Custom accent

25:40 Automation

26:55 Mod note seq

28:00 Ratchet, prob

29:15 Unlink x-env

30:10 Advanced RND

31:40 Glitch sonata

32:40 Project & patterns

36:20 Pros & cons

42:30 Factory patterns

46:45 Outro jam



The Norand Mono is available now for 700 €.



Free Max For Live Device, Variation Stepper enables you Sequence & Randomize Variation Settings


Kinesotronic has introduced Variation Stepper, a free Max For Live device that enables you sequence and randomize variations of settings in Ableton Live.




  • 16 MIDI Assignable Variation Triggers
  • 16 Step Variation Sequencer with randomisation options, pattern rotation, selectable timing resolutions and global controls
  • 16 slots to store variation sequencer patterns
  • Flexible pattern sequencer for chaining and repeating patterns in any order
  • Automatically populate linked device racks with up to 16 randomly generated macro variations.
  • New Macro Randomization and sequencing options.


At the heart of variation stepper is a versatile 16-step sequencer which is used to sequence a device rack’s variations in repeatable sequences. The values on each step relate to a particular variation stored in the linked device rack. They can be set precisely to recall specific variations at specific times. They can also be randomized, with control over the degree of randomization applied, to generate random, but repeatable patterns. Variation Stepper can also randomize macros directly, rather than randomizing the stored variations in a rack.


This allows the user to truly randomize the macros of the linked device, rather than creating a random pattern of carefully prepared variations.


In addition, this feature can be triggered at will and mapped to MIDI controllers or keyboards to make it performable, but Variation Stepper also features an alternative sequencer page where these randomization triggers can be sequenced on specific steps of a pattern in place of the specific variations defined by the main variation sequencer.


The sequencer has global controls for quickly dialing in values across the whole sequencer and programming patterns. It also has selectable resolutions and randomization for the active steps in a pattern.


Variation Stepper also features a 4 part pattern sequencer which can store up to 16 patterns and play back any 4 of these in any order of repetitions or variations you care to program.



Variation Stepper is available now as a free download.





Plugin Boutique offers 99% off the SoundSpot Producers Bundle


For a limited time Plugin Boutique is offering a staggering 99% off the Soundspot Producers Bundle. This versatile plugin bundle includes the popular Union, NEVO, Oracle, Velo2 and Axis for only $8/£5. With a saving of around $782/£570 this deal is a no-brainer.


Let us take a quick look at each plugin in the bundle:


Union Wavetable Synthesizer

This unique wavetable synthesizer creates harmonically rich and deep sounds with a single click of a button. Featuring up to 32 voices of unison per oscillator, spectral anti-aliasing, two main analogue-style oscillators, a wavetable generator oscillator and 9 FX modules based on SoundSpot’s post-processing range, this is a must-have for any producer.


NEVO Serial Clipper

Expand your sonic horizons with the NEVO Serial Clipper. This 16-band soft clipper and a single-band hard clipper is perfect for controlling peaks when either mastering audio or enhancing your virtual instruments.


Oracle Algoverb

All great producers and audio engineers will tell you how important it is to have a solid, reliable reverb. A rich reverb can tie a whole mix together and add a sense of depth to any track. The Oracle Algoverb features stereo imaging controls for accurate placement in the stereo field, an analogue-style compressor with visual waveform feedback and a bandpass filter to sculpt the sound and remove unwanted frequencies. This is a one-stop-shop reverb plugin, perfect for any home producer.


Velo2 Limiter

This intuitive and easy to navigate brick wall limiter is a studio staple. Featuring adaptive release control, four style settings, transient control, real-time RMS display and a real-time reduction display, it’s a must-have for any home studio. Whether you’re mastering dance music or hard-hitting rock ‘n’ roll, the Velo2 will keep up with you.



Axis combines two popular Soundspot products – the MSW1 and Propane. This incredibly powerful multiband plugin features an intuitive, easy to navigate user interface, individual compressor, imager and metering module per band, simultaneous upwards and downward compression and parallel compression mixing.



This offer is available for a limited time, so be quick, as you only have until 18 April 2021 to grab a bargain.


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