Live Eurorack Modular Performance by Never Sol

This video, via Bastl Instruments, captures a live performance by Prague-based composer Sara Vondraskova (Never Sol) for Eurorack modular, keyboards and vocals.

As Never Sol, Vondraskova creates melancholic compositions that are based on layered synth soundscapes, dark melodies shrouded in reverb and thick, yet delicate vocals.

In addition to the performance, Vondraskova discusses how she has arranged her studio to be an inspiring and powerful space for making music.



Berlin School Synth Jam With Moog synthesizers

Synthesist Karol Pokojowczyk, aka Caught In Joy, shared this hypnotic Berlin School style synth jam, Stardust.

What he say about it:

“Whether you’re a fan of Berlin School music, a synth enthusiast, or simply seek a musical escape to a dreamy realm, Stardust is my humble invite to experience a sonic journey of the beauty and creative breadth of old-school electronic music.

The arrangement of Stardust is my attempt at mastering Moog synthesizers to create subtle sequencer patterns, gentle melodies, and graceful arpeggios.”

Caught In Joy‘s music is available on Bandcamp.


Ligeti’s Musica Ricercata: No.7 – Cantabile, Arranged for Theremin & Analog Synthesizers

Thereminist Grégoire Blanc shared his theremin & synth arrangement of György Ligeti’s Musica ricercata suite for solo piano.


What Grégoire Blanc say about it:

“This seventh movement has a very interesting feature: the supporting ostinato and the melodic lines are totally decorrelated.

I would like to propose here an interpretation which leverages this very aspect, involving two sides of electronic music I enjoy equally. Expressivity with the theremin and Haken Continuum for the singing lines. Sequencing, patching, tone-shaping with analog synthesizers (@MoogSynthesizers ) for the motor-like background.”

Instruments featured: Moog Etherwave Theremin, Mother-32, Subharmonicon, DFAM, Haken Continuum Fingerboard