Live Chiptune Jam on Elektron Analog Rytm

Reader Thomas J, aka tubesockor, shared this live performance of TDK’s Space Duregungle (8bit mix) using the Elektron Analog Rytm.

The performance is a great example of making an instrument your own, showcasing some of the recently updated capabilities of the Analog Rytm and exploring its capabilities as a chiptune synth.

What he say about the performance:


“At the heart of it is three channels (four tracks) of SY CHIP engine for all leads, basses, blips and most drums.

Additionally, an internally sampled kick (synthesised on the unit) as well as some analog hats. Tried to be very close to the original on all aspects, and then added some live jamming on top.

The SY CHIP engine of OS 1.70 was used for all melodic & drum sounds on Channels 1-3 (TRK 1-4), with a few additional sounds on other channels (analog hats & cymbals, sampled BD ACOUSTIC kick etc).

All recorded live in one go, direct from the main outputs – no compression or EQ applied.”


‘Beyond The Sky’ For Haken Continuum + Piano, by Rob Schwimmer

Thereminist and Continuum virtuoso Rob Schwimmer shared this music video for an original composition, Beyond The Sky.

The performance showcases the expressive possibilities of the Haken Continuum synthesizer.

“I love the Haken Continuum! It continues to blow my mind… ” says Schwimmer. “The flexibility and immediacy of thought to sound is just like an acoustic instrument, playing wise, and allows me to apply my piano, theremin, electric guitar playing, directly, while also embracing that which the Continuum can do, which nothing else can!”

Beyond The Sky features Continuum lead, piano accompaniment and Alesis Andromeda pads. Here’s what Schwimmer shared about the technical details:


“My exploration of outer space and music-An original piece, the main and very expressive lead instrument is Haken Continuum with my backing track on piano and (appropriately) Andromeda. When I finished the recording it really did feel Beyond the Sky to me so what could be more perfect than the incredible NASA photos from the Hubble and Webb telescopes!

This is also a tribute to one of my lifelong guitar heroes who passed away last year. Thinking of his music still resonating in space…”


Hypnotic Synth Music with Eurorack + Moog Format Modular Synthesizers

Synthesist Martin Peters shared this hypnotic Berlin School style live performance, Entanglement.


The performance features sounds of both Eurorack and Moog format modular systems, along with Minimoog lead.

Peters shared about the technical details:


“It starts with a sequence on the Behringer Victor. Then the bass from the modular comes in. After that sequences from the Rob Hordijk OSC HRM, Oberheim SEM, Verbos Harmonic Oscillator, Korg Opsix and DSI Mopho are added. Strings are from the Waldorf Q Keyboard and the solo’s from the Moog Minimoog”.