Roland Jupiter-X, Jupiter-Xm Synthesizers Get Major Update



Roland has released a major update to the firmware for the Jupiter-X and Roland Jupiter-XM Digital Synthesizers, adding a new synth model, an improved arpeggiator, probability, double the scenes and presets, and more.


The above video, via gattobus, demonstrates custom scenes using the new Jupiter-X synth model.



New in Ver.3.00:


  • Additional Functions
  • The model “JUPITER-X” has been newly provided as a preloaded model – The model “JUPITER-X” is a new model that takes the model “JUPITER-8” as its motif and is designed with the aim of achieving the ideal analog synthesizer configuration. Through such moves as adoption of four oscillators, seven types of waveform selection, implementation of oscillator pan and oscillator delay, adoption of a variety of velocity sense functions, and more, this provides new vintage synth expressiveness that transcends the boundaries of vintage synths.
  • The functionality of I-ARPEGGIO has been extended.
  • I-ARP TYPE setting values have been increased from 55 to 65 (10 more) and I-ARP RHYTHM setting values have been increased from 44 to 65 (21 more).
  • Mode switching has been added to enable easy switching of simple arpeggios and step sequencers for each individual part.
  • It is now possible to change styles and variations for each individual part by using I-ARP and the ARP mode.
  • A Probability function has been added. This makes it possible to assign a probability to the sound production of each note, and also enables changing its extent through interlinking with I-ARPEGGIO.
  • New preset sound content has been added (scenes and tones).
    • The number of scenes and the number of user tones have both been increased from 256 to 512.
  • Functionality Improvement
    • Various improvements to the user interface have been made.
    • When setting parameter values, a value list can now be displayed by pressing the [ ENTER ] button.
    • The structure of the view displayed when the [ MENU ] button is pressed has been reorganized.
    • The naming screens for scenes, tones, and the like have been improved.
    • The order of Z-Core Tone parameters has been reorganized.


Check the Roland website for the new firmware for the Jupiter-X or Jupiter-Xm

Roland Jupiter-XM Digital Synthesizer


Roland Jupiter-X, Jupiter-Xm Get Vocal Designer, Cloud Connect Add-Ons



Roland has introduced two new add-ons for their Jupiter-X and Jupiter-Xm synthesizers.


Roland has announced a new service called Cloud Connect, a wireless system that enables you to install new sounds on your Jupiter-X or Jupiter-Xm synth from your phone.


Using it should be as simple as plugging the WC-1 wireless adapter into your Jupiter hardware and syncing it to the companion Roland Cloud iOS/Android app. You can use this to browse, audition and install Sound Packs, Wave Expansions, Model Expansions and more.


The search engine is designed to make it easy to find compatible content, and your selections are automatically synced with your Roland Account and the Roland Cloud Manager software on your PC/Mac.


In addition, Roland has also announced a brand-new Model Expansion, as well; Vocal Designer brings the company’s vocal synthesis technology to the Jupiter-X range, enabling you to control and modulate your synth sounds (the carrier) with the vocal input (the modulator).


There are 26 vocal synthesis algorithms included. As well as all-new sounds, you also get access to classic vocoder tones derived from legendary Roland VP series like choirs, ensembles, robots and more. If you want to get creative, you can use any analogue audio or USB input as the modulator, not just your voice.


Audio Demos:

Support for the Vocal Designer Model Expansion and Roland Cloud Connect is included with the free Version 2.0 update for the JUPITER-X and JUPITER-Xm.


Roland Cloud Connect will be available in January 2022 through authorized U.S. dealers for $99 and includes the WC-1 wireless adapter as well as one year of Roland Cloud Connect Pro membership for hardware and software.


The Roland Vocal Designer Model Expansion is included in the Roland Cloud Connect Pro membership and also available as a Lifetime Key (one-time purchase) for $149.



Find out more on the Roland website.





Free Editor and Librarian Software For Jupiter-X, Jupiter-Xm Synthesizers


Roland has introduced a free graphical editor and librarian app, Jupiter-X Editor, for both macOS & Windows.


The Roland Jupiter-X and Xm synths offer plenty of fast hands-on control, but they are also deep machines that have a lot going on under the hood.


To help you access the instruments’ finer details, Roland JUPITER-X Editor – for both the Jupiter-X and Jupiter-Xm –  a standalone graphical editor and librarian for managing scenes and individual tones in one place. The editor offers a powerful Scene Builder for designing complex layers and performance setups, and a Part Editor that features the massive parameter section available for the ZEN-Core engine and Model Expansions.


When connected, the hardware and editor work together seamlessly, with real-time updates when changes are made.


The JUPITER-X Editor can be downloaded for free today via Roland Cloud Manager.