Free Editor and Librarian Software For Jupiter-X, Jupiter-Xm Synthesizers


Roland has introduced a free graphical editor and librarian app, Jupiter-X Editor, for both macOS & Windows.


The Roland Jupiter-X and Xm synths offer plenty of fast hands-on control, but they are also deep machines that have a lot going on under the hood.


To help you access the instruments’ finer details, Roland JUPITER-X Editor – for both the Jupiter-X and Jupiter-Xm –  a standalone graphical editor and librarian for managing scenes and individual tones in one place. The editor offers a powerful Scene Builder for designing complex layers and performance setups, and a Part Editor that features the massive parameter section available for the ZEN-Core engine and Model Expansions.


When connected, the hardware and editor work together seamlessly, with real-time updates when changes are made.


The JUPITER-X Editor can be downloaded for free today via Roland Cloud Manager.

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