Polyend Play 1.4 Firmware Update Now Available to Download

Polyend has released a firmware update to its Play “sample- and MIDI-based groovebox”.


New in Polyend Play v.1.4:

  • All-new piano roll to visualize melodies and chords;
  • More MIDI chords, Chord and Bass fill modes;
  • A melody randomizer: and
  • MIDI fill mode.

You can now download the firmware and read the complete change log at the Polyend website.


Polyend Play 1.3 Firmware Update ‘All About MIDI’

Polyend has released a free firmware update for their Play sample & MIDI groovebox.


“This time it’s all about MIDI,” they say.


What’s new in Polyend Play 1.3:

  • It is now possible to copy sequence data from audio to MIDI side
  • Improved the controller assignments
  • You can now specify a MIDI channel for note input
  • MIDI parameter values are now reset to default when switching a MIDI channel
  • You can easily use MIDI learn function when sending MIDI to an external device, as MIDI CCs are now sent individually
  • Improved workflow

Polyend Play v1.3 firmware is available now for registered users.

Polyend Play releases Firmware Update


Polyend has released a firmware update for the Polyend Play. Among new features in the update is the ability to customize all of the user’s Master Effects – Reverb Delay, Equalizer, and Limiter.


Polyend Play v1.2 firmware is available as a free download on the Polyend. Find out more technical specifications, and more Polyend products and accessories, on the Polyend website.