Polyend Introduces Play+ 16-track Sample & Synth-based Groovebox

Polyend Play+ introduces four synth engines, turning the sample and MIDI machine into a fully-fledged groovebox. Now you can furnish your beats with analogue-style and FM sounds, and there’s also multitrack USB audio streaming.

In 2022 Polyend announced the original Play, a fascinating sample-based groovebox and MIDI sequencer that was pretty much universally beloved by anyone who could get their hands on one.

The new Play+ model goes a significant step further by adding four built-in synth engines, giving you far more creative options.

The synths are powered by an upgraded processor, which has also enabled Polyend to add stereo sample playback and multitrack audio streaming over USB.

The list of synth engines kicks off with ACD, an emulation of a single-oscillator monophonic analogue instrument. FAT promises to deliver the “powerhouse” vintage warmth of classic analogue synths, while VAP is a virtual anlogue instrument with a dual-oscillator design and modulation matrix.

Finally, there’s the cheekily named WTFM, a 2-operator FM synth with wavetable-based oscillators and a 3x feedback system. That said, we’re told to expect more synth engines in future updates.

Polyend reckons that the switch from mono to stereo samples will take you on a “more nuanced and expansive sonic journey”, which makes sense, and Play+ comes with new stereo sample packs. These are in addition to the already expansive library of more than 5,000 samples.

The new multitrack USB audio support, means that up to 14 stereo audio tracks can be sent to your DAW separately, ready for processing in any way you like. This also gives you the opportunity to process individual tracks with external effects during a live set.

Despite these enhancements, Play+ is said to stay true to the spirit of its predecessor’s workflow, enabling you to sequence tracks on a 8×16 step grid. Parameters can be sequenced on a per-step basis, and there are multiple effects, play modes and randomisation options. There’s a new piano roll for building melodies, and scale filtering can force Play+ to input and output only notes that fit the selected scale.

Connectivity options include MIDI I/O, stereo line/headphone out and USB-C. A 16GB MicroSD card comes in the box.

Play+ can be ordered now from the Polyend website for $799/€799. Upgrades from Play cost $399/€399.

Polyend Play 1.4 Firmware Update Now Available to Download

Polyend has released a firmware update to its Play “sample- and MIDI-based groovebox”.


New in Polyend Play v.1.4:

  • All-new piano roll to visualize melodies and chords;
  • More MIDI chords, Chord and Bass fill modes;
  • A melody randomizer: and
  • MIDI fill mode.

You can now download the firmware and read the complete change log at the Polyend website.


Polyend Play 1.3 Firmware Update ‘All About MIDI’

Polyend has released a free firmware update for their Play sample & MIDI groovebox.


“This time it’s all about MIDI,” they say.


What’s new in Polyend Play 1.3:

  • It is now possible to copy sequence data from audio to MIDI side
  • Improved the controller assignments
  • You can now specify a MIDI channel for note input
  • MIDI parameter values are now reset to default when switching a MIDI channel
  • You can easily use MIDI learn function when sending MIDI to an external device, as MIDI CCs are now sent individually
  • Improved workflow

Polyend Play v1.3 firmware is available now for registered users.