MOD Audio Now Shipping to Europe, Japan and ‘Soon’ to US


MOD Audio, the ‘rebooted’ MOD Devices, informed us that it’s now shipping orders to Europe, its established market, and for the first time to Japan, a new new market, as a result of a new distribution agreement with Electori. The MOD Dwarf, the company’s flagship product, can now be purchased at major retailers in these regions.

The company has also partnered with Scott Simon, of Sound Strategy Partners, with the goal of expanding into the United States.


“We are thrilled to be shipping again our products to Europe, our established market, and to have formed a partnership with Electori to expand to Japan, our exciting new market,” says MOD Audio’s Co-Founder and CEO, Gianfranco Ceccolini. “I am very happy to welcome Scott Simon as we continue to expand our reach and bring the MOD Dwarf to even more musicians worldwide.”


MOD Dwarf is a dual-channel multi-effects pedal. It lets you used 400+ free and commercial plugins, which can be patched using a browser-based visual interface that lets you split, join and feedback signals in a modular fashion. Find out more on the MOD Audio website.




MOD Devices returns as MOD Audio


MOD Devices has ‘rebooted’, after declaring itself insolvent earlier in the year.


As of October 13th 2022, MOD Audio UG is the official owner of all assets from the insolvent MOD Devices GmbH. The new entity was co-founded by Gianfranco Ceccolini and Andreas Umland.


The new MOD Audio UG focuses on the MOD Dwarf foot pedal for the guitar & bass audiences. Former devices – MOD Duo and Duo X – continue to be supported. The company says that it also is committed the fulfillment of still outstanding crowdfunded units from the MOD Dwarf campaign that happened in early 2020.


During October, the team at MOD Audio is working on bringing the cloud services of the platform back online – namely the Plugin Store and the Pedalboard Feed. Relaunching their production supply chain, MOD Audio plans to ship the MOD Dwarf again to dealers and crowdfunding backers in November.


Find out more on the MOD Audio website